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  1. my hobby

    Psalm 84:10 For a day in thy courts is better than a thousand. I had rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God, than to dwell in the tents of wickedness.

    Hoby was not released from the mood. Joy,
    tranquility and satisfaction is a reflection of the atmosphere
    a good heart. Sense of optimism is another,
    either because we can do good hobby.

    There are some people who are willing to pay the price
    very- very expensive for hobby. For example a stamp
    can sold millions of dollars bought by the
    a stamp collecting hobby. A antique bicycle can
    sold a hundreds of millions because was bought by a person who have a hobby
    of collecting bicycles.

    The answer was often uttered by people who buy
    these antiques because heart satisfaction which
    can not be replaced with billions of money.

    Well all because of heart’s satisfied. When our hearts are satisfied then
    the dimensions of our minds will lead to something
    large. It was just me
    have it. Only me who can feel it.

    Now let us see the result of a hobby of reading and meditate
    God's Word. God comes not alone.
    God is present with a presence. Presence of God
    is a dimension of heaven that we can feel. Dimension of heaven is real and it will lead us to
    hearts and minds of satisfaction that is not limited. We do not
    could say a word when we see the dimensions of
    heaven. We are amazed and under the authority of God.
    So that the presence of it will make us feel and didn’t want
    to move from our place. We want forever in that

    When we are often and routinely every day to read and meditate a
    God's Word then we really are inviting
    Jesus to come to our place together with His
    presence. Perhaps one time we doesn’t feel. But
    many times will lead us to recognize Him with
    closer. Because we often do so would
    allows us to feel His presence. Any more for anything and everything
    in This world but firstly we still miss HIS presence. Because
    Presence that will open our eyes to heaven.
    So important that we make reading
    and meditating God's Word as a hobby.

    Do you already feel the presence of God?
    So make this activity as your hobby! Gbu

    Hii, more Jesus for you , Visit my blog. Gbu

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