My Harvest!!

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  1. This is my harvest this year. These are Naga Morich GCs. Just for you Godspeaks!! RED!! heheheeh .......oowwwwwwwww it tastes soooo god it hurts.


    I just love Gods Chili's YUUMMMMOOOOOO :)

    Chili out
  2. Oh you really did it! :eek:

    And even put it on your avatar, you crazy guy :p
  3. Ya like it? hehehahahahahaaaaaahahhahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Y u Laffin my friend?Jus cuz I got hot lips? heheh
  4. burning your mouth up. And it will stay that way awhile with that many in your mouth!
  5. Interesting....

    One thing we were blessed with was a pretty good year. Not everything worked (and I don't expect it to) but there were lots of good things. Between struggles I was able to finish our watering thing A solar panel powers a marine water pump connected to rainwater butts.[​IMG]

    Tomatoes were especially good.

    If I am to learn (and it seems I'm something I'm bad at and may need to learn and practice) to give credit, Thank You God we had loads of delicious meals.
  6. I love tomatoes right out of the garden. They're so much better than those in the store
  7. All veggies taste much better fresh from the garden than from a grocery store, don'cha know??
  8. Especially carrots pulled right outa the ground, with that little bit of dirt flavoring. What? Wash the carrots? Hmmmmm.....never thought of that in those days. That's probably why I have such a good immune system.
  9. Carrots is one that doesn't seem to work for us main crop although I'm pretty much off the ide of main crop anyway. Neither my mother nor I really have the physical ability and we are lucky round here in an agricultural area - main crop spuds, carrots, onions are easy to find cheaply and better than we could grow. It's more a case of grow what's that little bit harder to find or reward better from home, eg. fresh peas (of which we only had one meal), salad potatoes, shallots, etc.

    We did have a little salad bed this year in which baby carrots were grown. Little gem lettuce did well. Elsewehre in the garden, cucumber flourished, tomatoes as mentioned above were excellent.

    This year we took to using a prepared salad in an "airtight" box that kept in the fridge. Cubed the tomato, cucumber and some red onion (and I think apple once) and chopped the leaves like lettuce, bit of mint, bit of parsley, chives, whatever else may whve been around with scissors. Grated some salad carrot. It mostly worked out really well. My 2 mistakes were 1: trying cubed cooked beetroot in the mix and 2: trying to be clever by adding olive oil. I think every other box was really enjoyed by both parents and I.

    As said above, we were blessed with some really tasty things.
  10. Jonbanjo, your mention of peas just reminded me of the creamy soup my mom used to make in the summer when the peas were fresh and the potatoes were about 2" around. I don't remember what else was in there, but it was mighty good!
  11. Most people think it is nasty, but really rich, dark brown soil is very good for you. That light brown clay slop, not so much, but if you cover your soil with black tarp and let it rest for a year (even more is better), you'll get the finest stuff ever. My grandfather did that, and we didn't pull back the tarp for three, four years. When I did, it was black, moist, and strongly scented. :)
  12. We are fairly sandy where I now live in Norfolk, Gardening as I think I stated is something of a mystery to me. We can do things in our best ways, find crops that work for us but in some way I can not but together "But it is fed and watered by God's almighty hands" is also true. We can (and I do) feed with chemicals, commercial growers can be really good but there is a something else there.
  13. Nice Work Jonbanjo!! Very inventive if I do say so myself. IIIIIIIIIIIIII Like iiiiiiiiitttttt! Your summer was obviously better than mine. Yes God IS to thank for our hard work and rewards from HIS bounty. :)

    Chili out.
  14. Yes it was a good one. As far as I remember, started with the best crops of new and salad spuds and the best asparagus we have had. As stated before, not everything worked brassica mostly failed and I think mother put club root in last year by accepting a neighbours cabbage but there certainly was very much to be thankful for this year.
  15. One brassica is a real disappointment to me btw. I'd have loved our own spouts with Christmas dinner. But they faded away.

    Trying to think what else was good... Chard, spinach some sweet corn, apple juice, raspberry, black currants... loads really/

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