My Happy Thread

Discussion in 'General Discussions' started by Jesus Freak, Jan 13, 2014.

  1. Yeah, you read that correctly. I am going to post happy things that are going on in my life. And you can too.

    I am having a happy day today cause I love my life, and my family. And of course I love my GOD I love you guys too here on the forums.
  2. i'll be reading your post then :) Christian who are blessed can be a blessing to many too...


  3. Why thank you my new friend. I will TRY and post everyday. Maybe you should watch this thread to follow me.
  4. I'm happy that I got at least one person who wants to read my happy thread.
  5. just quote me when u post :)
    and just sometimes il b busy and read it late ;) that's ok with u right?
  6. You read it whenever you get a chance. There's no hurry.

  7. I am having a happy day today again. Yay. It's rainy outside, but that's not going to stop me from having a happy day today.
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  8. rain is like shower of blessing ;)
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  9. Yes , it is. I am having a happy day today. Going to be going to bowl tonight on my bowling league. I am really excited about this.
  10. You are so happy it makes me happy as well! Go on you tube and listen to Oh Happy Days! Sing it loud...
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  11. I am happy right now. Just loving life more than you will ever know.
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  12. Really happy to hear it may many more days be so happy!
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  13. Oh, Brother Paul, iwill be happy. Now that I have Him by my side.
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  15. im looking at the positive side of my life... tho sometimes its hard.. u know i have to be away from my family to work abroad and its really lonesome to be alone.. i feel bad about my country, why the government is so corrupt that it cant provide jobs or it does but the compensation is not even enough to feed yourself for the whole month...its not a Christian way to complain...i know that... i should not. because anyway, my God is providing everything I need and I am thankful for that...

  16. We shouldn't complain about anything. We all need to be thankful for all we've been given. And I know God will help you to be positive. And me too. If you need advice, I will be here for you to chat.
  17. Hey, @gracepinay I am happy but tired. Finally today we're getting our dishwasher fixed. Got the part a few days ago. Yay
  18. thats nice :) im manually washing my dishes.. anyway im alone lol... sometimes i dont use plates.. i ate bread fresh from plastics lol
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  19. I am happy even though this dang storm is rolling through here. It's named Vulcan. The weather channel names winter storms like they name hurricanes. Weird, huh? It will wrap up tomorrow morning sometime. Then the cleanup can commense.
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  20. I'm happy just to have a good paying job and to be blessed to be apart of a great forum.
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