My God

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  1. Let me tell you about my God

    My God is above all things and all thing are subject to Him for it was He that spoke and the heavens came into being UNIVERSE… ONE VERSE this is the power of my GOD

    He not only spoke it into being but put all in their place and set them in motion all with their own light and movement He knows the names of all the stars which there are trillions

    My God is a powerful God not only did He speak the heavens into existence He has sustained and maintained them throughout time

    Let me tell you about my God

    When you pray and you ask Him for justice, Patience, Goodness, Grace, Mercy ect… HE IS ! to touch anyone of His attributes is to touch the infinitude of Him, For HE IS!
    If He were not 100% of any of His attributes He would not be God

    And what an AWESOME GOD IS HE!
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  2. And we are His.
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  3. My God sent his only begotten son Jesus to me to save me from my sin so I can come to know Him. He is so Good! He makes everything new. He did a makeover in my life. And all His promises are yea.
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  4. Yes we are
    Thank God we do not get what we deserve.

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