My Girlfriend Is A Flirt.

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  1. My girlfriend admitted she was a lofty flirt as a teenager, but I believe she still is and does not see it.

    We have been together for nine months, and we love each other. She is 25, and I am 23. I am her third boyfriend, and she is my second girlfriend. She was once engaged. She is the overly extroverted type, and I am the loyal, introverted type. She does not act her age; mostly, she enjoys being funny and silly. In contrast, I am starting my doctorate and have two degrees. We were born in God-fearing families.

    I feel complemented, loved and happy with her. I told her God is my number one and she is my number two. I need no one but God to keep being this way, because I love and cherish her more than my own life. She says she feels the same, but I noticed that if we are not with other people, she will not feel fulfilled; she will be slightly depressed. I accepted this and began attending a young adults meeting with her. Sadly, she has been flirting with the guys. I told her how I felt, and she defended herself by saying she does not see her acts as being flirtatious.

    She only talks with the guys, laughs at their silly jokes and expressions, touches them at every non-awkward chance and likes their pictures on Facebook. Am I being paranoid? I know I would never do this with another girl purely out of respect and complete loyalty to mine. I am usually a tolerant man, but what caused me to post this here is the fact my girlfriend wants to travel to Guatemala and Spain with a few of the guys knowing I cannot leave the U.S. until the government gives me the green light sometime next year (I am an illegal immigrant involved in an amnesty program).

    I am longing to propose to and marry her, but I believe she is not ready... :unsure:
  2. Hmmmm...tough spot your in.

    Trust God first:

    #1 Make Christ your Primary relationship.
    #2 Study the Word (Bible) about marital relationships.
    #3 Abstain from premarital anything, seek third party counseling with your Pastor, if she is unwilling, I would have to tell you to break it off completely.

    If she's making plans to travel with other men without you-not a good sign my friend-perhaps it is time rely on the Word and see what God has in store for you...don't get caught in a trap...

    Maybe you need to do the 'Joseph' and RUUUUUUNNNNNNNNN!!!!!
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  3. I agree with everything Dirtyrottensinner said...

    Most women usually have a low opinion of a woman who loves to flirt.
    They look at her as a threat and usually take an instant disliking to her.

    Flirting is far from "harmless", She may enjoy the attention,
    But I guarantee you the attention she is receiving in return from the men she flirts with
    is almost exclusively filled with dirty thoughts and probably lacks any sense of respect.

    Also, the guy she is flirting with could be struggling with lustful thoughts of his own,
    and when a woman starts hanging on him, winking at him and touching him,
    that just makes his struggle all the more difficult.

    Sin starts in the mind and then moves to the heart.
    When we look at a member of the opposite sex with lustful thoughts,
    we are committing adultery with them in our hearts.

    That's why Philippians 4:8 says, “Fix your thoughts on what is true and honorable and right"

    Going on vacation with a bunch of guys without you is a huge red flag...
    I would advise you to spend some serious alone time with God before putting a ring on her finger...

    Seems like you're starting to notice a few things that don't sit too well with you..
    I say trust your gut, usually when you smell smoke...there's a fire.

    Hope this helps...
    God Bless :)
  4. This sounds just like a guy I dated. I was like you and she is like him. He was a big flirt, he usually was around girls, loved women, flirted, touched them and liked all their photos on facebook.

    I don't know about you but I was never happy with him, the longer we dated, he never changed and I never thought I could trust him. because I am quiet I did not feel comfortable with a guy like this. He went on holiday and meet lots of women, and I think that is a serious issue. I decided he wasn't a guy I could be with.

    You need to really think about the relationship, does she make you happy, are you comfortable with her character and could you spend your life with someone like her.
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  5. Who knows someday she’ll be changed. If you’ll show her the real meaning of being a Christ-like. And keep on. But if not Phil 4:6-7 Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with j thanksgiving, let your requests be made known to God; 7 and k the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.
  6. Listen - up until three months ago - i was just like her. LET HER KNOW HOW YOU FEEL. If she doesn't get it, move on. This is because she likes the attention, and she isn't certain if she is FULLY IN LOVE WITH YOU. When women are in love, they're willing to do anything to please their man - within their own integrity of course. For four years I was involved with somebody who loved me, and expressed that these little facebook flirty things bothered him, and i didn't care. Well, now he hasn't spoken to me after a month and I realize how much I truly love him. And that I will do anything for the opportunity to love him back. I realize that I was wrong because I didn't assure him that he could trust me - i wasn't ready to!!! God changed my heart, after this guy drew a boundary. So I strongly suggest that you draw a boundary with her, and let her know how you feel. Let her know that you need more assurance. You are NOT being insecure or unreasonable - so dont go for it if she says that. Good luck. Please keep me posted.

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