my friend says the holy spirit talks to him when a person is lying

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by napninja4, Jan 6, 2011.

  1. like i tried this thing with him i was lying to him and he found out i was lying to him
    he told me the holy spirit puts stuff in my head and tells me nap is lying to you

    he was right i was lying to him
  2. Why'd you lie to your friend?
  3. i was trying to test him if he can know im lying or im not lying
  4. He could have discernment of the Holy Spirit. When I'm going to Bible college, two professors have that and will know when a student is lying to them.
  5. You should test them immediately and often. Not in a rude or obnoxious way, but to make sure that its really true.
  6. I'd rather not hahah.
  7. "Testing" your professors, especially through attempts at lying, does seem like unwise advice. Though for me it wouldn't be much of a test. I'm a horrible liar, and usually just a bit too honest IRL for my own good (think the Abraham Lincoln GEICO commercial).
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  8. LOL, that's a funny commercial. They don't play it often enough. And when they do, its usually the short version. :(

    Anyway, if your intention is to mislead the professor, or to test their patience, then I would agree with you. That would be foolish advice. I'm not suggesting that, though.

    To say that the Holy Spirit is directly telling you a special revelatory truth is basically to prophesy. When you say "the Holy Spirit tells me whenever somebody lies", you're prophesying. 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 states that we shouldn't despise prophecies, but we ought to test them and hold fast to what's good. Thus tests are in order whenever someone says that the Holy Spirit gives them special insight into peoples' hearts. That doesn't mean that spinz would have to administer said test in a dishonest way. I think it would be perfectly reasonable for her to point out 1 Thessalonians 5:20-21 to her proffessors and propose something like, "So as per what the Bible says, I'd like to test your claim. How's about this... I'll make ten statements, 6 will be true, 4 will not. You tell me which statements are false. To make this a true test, I'll ask you to turn your back to me, so that I know you're not cheating by simply studying my body language."

    That way it would not be an attempt on her part to mislead her professors since she made clear that she's testing his claims. I think that would be a fair test. Anyone who claims to have direct, special, intimate discourse with God, recieving special info and insight directly from Him that no one else has access to, is claiming that what they say is prophecy. We have a responsibility to God to test that claim.
  9. Well, have you heard what a "TELL" is?

    ALL "phycic's" use that process.

    All police detective are now trained to look for TELLS.

    It is about body and eye responces to questions. I learned it many years ago as I used it in interviews new hires for jobs. It is better than a lie detector.
  10. Maybe. I still feel that they have discernment of the Holy Spirit thought
  11. You talking about body language, bud? I've actually been considering looking into that. The things that I've learned here and there from peeps who've studied body language are pretty interesting. I think that sort of thing would help a great deal in situations where I'm talking with non-christians about the truthfulness of Christianity.
  12. Well, I've been in the class with my professor. He def has discernment of the Holy Spirit :) It's very cool.
    And yeah, I don't think it's very wise to test him! :)
  13. Hey, Spinz.
    You mean the Holy Spirit really does tell him everytime someone lies to him? How do you know he has that discernment?
  14. Well, I don't know if it's everyone. I understand you are questioning - but you aren't here, you aren't at my school lol. I am. I see it. I just know :)
    I understand you may not believe in it - and that's totally fine. Just - I do believe in it.
    I mean, you may believe in it. I don't know haha.

    Now I gotta go. Cos lights are supposed to be out at like midnight here at college.
    So, goodnight!
  15. One of the gifts of the Spirit is the Word of Knowledge. God sometimes tells us just a little of something He knows that we have no way of knowing apart from Him.
  16. Really thats a good thing
  17. Basicly yes. I worked for a long time for a company that insisted on giving Polygraph tests every year to its employees because of the amount of money being transacted. As it became aware that the govt. was going to stop their use the company began training its senior staff on how to read body language or "tells" in order to find out if someone was lieing. Belive me when I tell you that is is very, very effective, and in my opinion better than a polygraph.
  18. That's music to my ears. I'm gonna have to look into that in the future.
  19. Oh, I certainly think its possible. God can communicate with whomever He wills in any way He wills. Its just that His Word instructs us to test these sorts of claims. I asked how you know your prof. has that sort of discernment because ya said he deffinitely has it, but then you immediately followed that up by saying its not wise to test him. So I'm a tad confused. I guess, as far as I can tell, one can't know for sure that someone has a particular gift unless they've somehow tested them to make sure. The Bible seems to say that as well.

    I'm not sure what you mean when you say that you "just know"....

    Hey, this is a tad off topic, but how expensive is it there at that Bible College? And what are the hours like? What kinds of assignments do they give?

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