My friend is suicidal... i don't know what to do...

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  1. ...he text me this morning
    Abt how he "tried" to take his life yesterday..

    He has a history of depression...i told him T get help...

    I really don't know what to say or D... As I've never been in that situation...

    What can I say T him?
  2. Tell him about Jesus and what He did for Him, that if Jesus died for Him, Jesus is interested in His problems. Tell him Jesus is more than an historical figure.
  3. He knows already..ive been talking with him for a while..and he may get the help needs
  4. The devils know too he needs to believe.
  5. Pray for him and try to convince him to go to the emergency room and tell them what is going on. If he does not you may want to pray about calling 911. Suicide is something to not be taken lightly, as i trust that you know that. Its better to force them into help and have them be mad at you for a few, than to loose them forever.

    Father, thank You for intervening in this young man's life. We ask that You send a garrison of angels to surround him and keep him safe till he gets to where he can get help. We pray a hedge of protecton over him and bind the strongman from his mind. Asking You to send a laborer to his path someone that he will listen to. We plead the Blood of Jesus over him and thank You for his salvation. In Jesus Name, Amen
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  6. As a Ph.d in Psychiatry told "me" (concerning my wife, who had attempted suicide once)......."next time you hear her (him) say anything like that, call the authorities." (Police)

    The purpose of that is to get (in your case) "him" into some sort of facility where they can check him out, protect him, and hopefully find him a way to recovery.

    Yes, of course, pray for him, but in suicide prevention from a practical standpoint..........get him help.

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  7. Would they be able to transfer him to a mental hospital from there so he can get the help he needs?
  8. Pancakes - It all depends upon the way that the County Mental Health System locally is set up. Sometimes, calling the police to do a "welfare and safety check" is a first step, but in almost all jurisdictions the officer would have to have probable cause to take further action. In other words, the person who has suicidal thoughts would have to admit to the officer what is taking place or exhibit a suicidal action that the officer can witness. Then, the officer can take additional steps.

    It may be best to follow some of the steps in the link below as a general guideline in such matters. We must also mention that there are no clinical psychologists on staff or on call at CFS and any information that is presented here by staff members is only offered as information, so you can make an educated decision about this yourself. This link covers many scenarios, so please read carefully before you decide which action is best in this situation.

    We are all in group prayer for your friend - Blessings...

    Assistance and Info Link >>>

    Due to the seriousness of active suicidal content threads, the CFS staff will monitor member posts carefully and remove any information that may be counterproductive or harmful.

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  9. Keep strong in faith @pancakes, this can be a very difficult time.
    I would certainly consider accepting @Pastor Gary's advice to consult local authorities.

    Keeping your friend in prayer.
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  10. If he has attempted suicide he can be involuntarily committed. Years ago, an "acquaintance" of mine downed a bottle of Tylenol and called me at my favorite bar to tell me what she had done.
    We got the EMTs and she spent the next 2 weeks at the local mental hospital where they sorted things out for her.
    One thing to remember when dealing with "depressed" people is that they are not processing what happens in their life rationally. They are truly insane and it can be very difficult to work around the gloom and doom they tend to see in everything. Meds and long term counseling is about the only thing that will fix it.
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    I just needed help on how to speak T him... For one I feel saying that would have been reiterating what he already knows..and he has a Christian cousin who tells him the same thing...

    I feel when it comes to the mind: If you're plagued with mental ills like depression n worse, then you're kind of pegged already. How are you supposed T fight when you need your mind to believe...and you're struggling with depression or. Bipolar..or worse... It seems very difficult.
  12. The line of mine you quoting is answering your question, not directed at you. If he wasn't looking for attention how do you know about his attempt? Any idea why he would be so depressed?
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  14. The only thing that will help is for him to renew his mind with the Word of God. And to turn to God. Finding his purpose in life. Pills and talking about the problem will either make things better or worse, it does not solve the problems. My mom is a good example of this.

    I will be praying
  15. I'm so confused as T what ur trying to say, are you saying he's looking for attention?
  16. As i was praying God helped me to realize that if you can somehow always point out his strengths and his potential purpose on this earth...and season it with lots of love (brotherly) and support...he will be just fine. And keep praying for his salvation.
    Just keep a listening ear for despair or depression or death talk. If it reaches that point start asking direct questions and if need be call either 911 or talk him into going to the hospital.

  17. Yes. From studies done it is 50/50 or so. Those that never really wanted to but are just crying out for help VS those that attempted but failed.

    The text to you is evidence of him crying out for help / looking for attention. I don't want to push him or anyone like him over the edge...but from my experience there are many people that have no intention of suicide, just want abnormal attention and pity. Giving them this is not helping them. They must get proper medical help.
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  18. This is the best advice anyone here could give.
    Please remember that this is a sensitive area so approach it with great care.
  19. Ah, I see what you're saying... Now that I think of it..i think you're right.. But lil me he has no other friends...and spends most of his time alone...

    But he didn't go through with it, I think he just wanted someone to care... When he told me he was driving reckless that's what worried me enough to make this post...

    However,tho I the first time he's done this though..

    Now he's gotten medication...prozac.

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