My favorite song right now . . .

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  1. What's your favorite song :whistle:
  2. I have a few...praise You in the storm, Healing rain, above all, and in your presence.
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  3. That is one of my favourites!
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  4. Great song! I listen to some Southern Gospel a good bit and this is one I like.
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  5. Also my favorite artist Glenn Kaiser:
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  6. Wow, this song really moves me spiritually . . .
  7. What's your favorite song right now and why?
  8. i'll have to look for those on youtube, thanks
  9. Shout to the Lord
    How many Kings
    Bring the Rain
    Closer to Love
    Come Save
    Everlasting God
    God's Gonna Cut you Down
    How Can I Keep From Singing
    How Many Kings
    I'll Fly Away
    Made to Love
    My Deliverer
    UGH...All of them are my favorites...too hard to pick just one lol
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  10. The carpenters. They will always be my favourite.

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  11. 'Sing' is also good.
    The above song is from the album 'A Song for You'.
    Karen in her prayer closet.
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  12. Also this is a great song recently been singing all day - a classic.

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  13. I love this, but I have the CD with Fred Hammond doing this song with them...enjoying it nearly every day!

    Cast All Your Cares!

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  14. yea I like the oldies. Why? They timeless. Also you know they singing from the heart.
    Jackie De Shannon wrote some 300+ songs apparently...but this one is written by Burt Bacharach.
    Lots of people have covered and recorded it but I think Jackie de Shannon really got into it, and you just know she's sending up prayer right there as she sings.
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  15. Sorry I mean Hal David wrote it, Burt Bacharach's arrangement.
  16. How do you know the song is a prayer, or that Jackie DeShannon knew the Lord?
  17. Break Every Chain---a powerful song of freedom in Jesus Christ.

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  18. another one..should stop now..but couldn't resist.
  19. Exhortation.
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