My Faith Waivers.. help

Discussion in 'Biblical Advices' started by matark, Jan 21, 2007.

  1. My Faith Waivers.. help

    Well my parents never wanted me to be christian, but i converted anyways. Ive always been christian under pure logic, that god exists and bible is proof of thus, but recently i stumbled upon a topic in one of the sites that i go to, and its made me doubt god.

    I want to accept God and Jesus as my savior but the arguments that NukeTheGnomes has made are real compelling. I dont know the bible enough to disprove him, but you guys do.
  2. I wouldn't put any level of credibility into the posting that you have referenced. The person does not provide a profile in that forum and does not seem to wish to take any responsibility for his or her statements and wishes to remain essentially hidden . Can we really place any credence in someone named "nukethegnomes' discussing Christianity, especially from a gaming site? The administrator THERE had significant problems with some of the postings and eliminated them... and rightly so.

    God's Word to us is not ambiguous. It is well defined and understandable IF we put forth the effort to study and to know what the word meanings were in the original manuscript languages before the translations of man changed those words.

    We will not go line by line and rebuke the posting in the link. We will just ask YOU to stay in God's Word, use the study tools that are available to you so you can understand and know The Word and pray to Our Father about it and ask for guidance.

    Anything worth doing is worth doing well. Study God's Word well and the rewards will be as a Light in the Darkness. Welcome to the forum and God bless.

    Pastor Gary
    Moderator Team
  3. The bolded statement above is the core of your problem. You accept God based only on logic and ojective reasoning. Your belief is in the abstract and not by personal understanding. Academic rather than experienced. Objective ,not subjective.
    In short you know about God rather than know God. Until you accept Him as real and relivent you will be swayed by all kinds of thinking. Until you accept him as Lord and repent (make an effert to change your heart and mind) you will never get any closer than you are right now and most likely get farther away from him.

    Would you have an auto mechanic perform heart surgury on you???
    Then why would you go to a secular gaming site to get an understanding of God??
    This site tells me nothing of God but a whole lot about those who post in it, especialy "nukethegnomes'. This is an atheist. Nothing more or less. The only thing to be gained from this is in knowing what the enemy is thinking, what their justification and arguments are.
    In you they have accomplished their desire. To make someone question God or their faith. This is the purpose of Satan. In you we see that satan can under the right conditions get his desire from men.
  4. Matark,

    It is amazing how much time and energy some people will spend on putting down something that "Doesn't Exist" in the first place. If he is correct, then this Nukethegnomes charactor is waging an all out war with an imaginary enemy. Does that make sense to you?


  5. I have made an effort to repent as you have stated, i have stopped doing many sinful acts and pray to my lord just before i go to sleep. But if all i need is faith and a deeper understanding/commitment to him, how do i go about doing this? My family is repressive of my faith and won't let me attend many ceremonies i would wish to. I do have a bible but how do i go about using that to extend my understanding of the Lord?

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