My Fainting Frog

Discussion in 'Humor' started by Egraine, Jul 4, 2017.

  1. Most people have heard about fainting goats. These animals, when startled, kind of seize up and fall over. They don't really lose consciousness, but the 'stop before you decide to fight or flight' reflex in these animals has become exaggerated so their muscles actually seize up and they fall over in response to fear.

    Well, I think I've one-upped the fainting goats. Today I bought a miniature African frog and 'Peeps"(his name) rolls over on his back and plays dead when he is startled or unsure. The first time it happened I thought I had killed him. Then he did it again. By the third time he did it, I just laughed at him - such a drama queen!!!

    Just when you think you've seen it all and just when you're having the worst day you've had in years, along comes this - a tiny little speck of God's creation to put a big smile on my face. Priceless little 'Peeps'.
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  2. Thank you for sharing your wonderful smile with us All!

    I truly needed it... and apparently God knew you needed a frog with a personality to bring that smile and joy back to you. :)

    May God continue to heal and bless you abundantly
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  3. I love it! That's too funny! :D
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  4. Aww egraine peeps sounds a cutie!

    It's good to know I'm not alone too!
    I always look to animals and children when I'm stressed, they do shift our worry with their humour

    Now you got me wondering what he looks like
    Do post peeps
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  5. Peeps needs a spanking. Last night my husband almost stepped on him because he managed to crawl out of the aquarium. Thank goodness he was returned safe and sound, but I've had to take extra measures to keep him in. Amazing that something so small can be such a big nuisance, but I love the little guy anyway. Peeps is supposed to be fully aquatic, but I guess someone forgot to tell him that. I almost bought another one the other day - I'm so glad I didn't or I'd be chasing two of them through the house. All I can say is that if he gets out and the dogs see him first, that will be that. Peeps will become an instant doggy snack.
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  6. Ah, that is so precious. :love: Thanks for sharing about your first day with Peeps and his playing dead antics. We have a visiting opossom who does the same thing, in other words, play dead like opossoms do. Or like the old saying goes, "plays opossom." Also shows up to eat a snack (I put out for her) and looks in the window at me almost every night. She is also good at eating ticks and keeping rodents away. Another of God's creatures. Bless you.
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  7. Opossums are so useful for vanquishing rodents. Up here the closest thing we have are skunks. Whenever a skunk or skunk family moves onto the property, we consider ourselves fortunate in that they hunt mice and voles, which are quite a problem here. I used to have a pet skunk as a child. It never had its scent glands removed and yet it never sprayed me. Snoopy used to crawl up the back of my shirt while I was watching tv on my stomach and fall asleep with his head poking out the back of my shirt and resting on the back of my head. It is now illegal to keep these animals as they are considered wild, but if I could I would have another one at the first opportunity. They are smart, affectionate, and make good pets even using a litter box. The only thing is that if you don't have them descented and you startle them, oh boy!
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  8. What wonderful stories. I surely have enjoyed reading them!
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  9. image.jpeg Okay, this isn't a very good picture, but the little creature is about 1 inch long. I've also noticed he changes color in different environments. Today Pickles is grey.
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  10. happyfrog.gif
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  11. Very cute! The picture zooms nicely for me.
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  12. what does he eat ?
    Do you have to feed him or just open your window and faith in the flies?:cool:
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  13. These little dwarf frogs eat frozen blood worms. They come vacuum packed and in these little cubes that you just push out like you push pills out of a pack. I push them out into a small plastic cup of water, let them thaw for a minute, then take long tongs an deposit them near the frog. He crawls on top of them and holds them with his front feet as if to say, "This is mine - no one is going to take my worms." He then eats each worm like a noodle of spaghetti sucking each one up into his mouth. It's really too funny.

    He's been a bit off the past few days. I had to put him into an escape-proof container and then found out he was too cold, so I had to put a heater in there with him. He needs 75 to 82 degrees F to be happy. He can tolerate cooler, but any hotter and he goes nuts trying to get out. What the heck did I get myself into? Serves me right - I see a cute animal and I have to have it. I can't believe how much work this creature is every single day, but I am now responsible, so no choice. In this house I have an African Grey parrot, 2 dogs (with a new puppy coming the end of July), an indoor cat for mousing, a fish tank, and now a frog habitat. I used to have horses, but gave that up years ago. Going out before sunrise in minus 30 weather to feed them is not my idea of fun, so I have no outdoor animals. I've always wanted a miniature pig, but I also want to stay married (LOL). Generally when my husband won't let me have another pet I use this refusal as leverage to get something else that I want, like something new pierced (which he hates too). Given the choice, he generally opts for a small bit of jewelry over a whole animal. I still think a pig sleeping in its bed by the fireplace in the winter would be cute, but cute, I am learning, is very relative.
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  14. GottaloveMoses: You are SO right to point out that animals can teach us a thing or two about letting go and relaxing. Have you noticed how dogs and cats can just plop down and be asleep in seconds? WOW, I wish I had the ability to shut my mind off and just sleep whenever I want to. A vet once told me that animals heal faster than humans because they aren't worried about their illness or injury. With the psychological component removed, they do much better than we do. In some instances, it is one of the reasons that people are placed in medically induced comas. With the stress and worry removed, the patient heals better. Too bad we can't learn to do this naturally from out pets. All I can do is just be jealous of this marvellous ability that they possess.
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  15. Yes that's so true.
    Jesus said similar things Looking at the lollies of the field! The don't get themselves in a spin. I watch the antics of animals on YouTube and automatically I forget myself.
    No wonder God told Noah to round up the animals, I can imagine he had a great time.
    Well almost.....

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  16. Shelly.jpg If we look like our pets I must look a little like my great big Maine Coon girl kitty. Yep! Maybe a little. :D
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  17. Double trouble: I felt sorry for Pickles being all alone in his tank, so I bought another one of those dwarf frogs, as if one wasn't bad enough. So now I have two: Pickles and Peeps. Are these things EVER a lot of work - I have many other animals, but none require as much care as these two teeny frogs. Never judge a book by its cover, and certainly don't ever think that because a pet is small that it is going to be easy to care for. I couldn't help it, however, because they are so cute and helpless - who could resist? Ribbit!
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  18. Love the picture of Pickles...but watch out! My friend's son got 2 x 'tiny' frogs and now they've grown into monsters. They are HUGE lol. Don't make the same mistake with a 'tiny' pig:D
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  19. Oh my goodness Annie, I hope this isn't the case with my little frogs. I checked the Internet and it said they only get to a maximum of one inch. I hope the Internet and the pet store got it right. I don't know what I would do if these got big. I don't feel like having a 100 gallon aquarium in the house - my husband wouldn't be pleased, that's for sure. So, fingers crossed that my African Dwarf frogs are really what they are supposed to be or I am in the soup.
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  20. LOL I'm sure they'll be fine. I didn't realise how small your's were...That's really tiny. It's hard to tell from a photo. I'd probably need a magnifying glass to even see them:)

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