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  1. Aw thanx patricia....
    And His name is fix it Felix : p

    And where I love your pic, it has a surreal touch to it.
  2. And yes, I did draw it. Nothing but paper and a mechanical pencil.
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  3. Here's my art work. I used Microsoft paint on my tablet. It's not done though.
    Ms paint, portrait 1.jpg
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  4. That's beautiful Patricia Dalmage, especially since it was all done on a tablet.. I can only imagine what you'd do on paper ^^

    Good work guys, its nice to see beautiful talent.
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  5. Thanks.
  6. I am not good at art done by hand. I do like to take pictures though. I use to live next to Disneyland in So Calif, so I have hundreds a images taken from there.

    jsf_Mouse4Boat.jpg jsf_Mouse3Sub.jpg jsf_Mouse2.jpg
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  7. Art/drawing is definitely not a thing of mine. I can struggle to draw a box that looks square. I can see I do things wrong but can't see how to correct them - I could easily make this mess.

    Camera of course allows us to capture scenes. I've a fair bit to learn to get as good as you but love your pictures!
  8. These are very good photographs. A lot better than my novice snaps.
  9. Thank you, My kids bought me a pretty nice "DSLR" camera for Fathers day about 6 years ago, and I have been having a blast learning how to take quality images.
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