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Discussion in 'Gallery' started by Polly, Jul 4, 2014.

  1. Well, I have a drawing hobby, and one day I decided to draw a Disney version of myself. It almost worked though... And I don't know how to draw shadows, but these eyes are quite Disney though.

    What do you think? :3

    I had to upload it here because the image linking doesn't work now.

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  2. Thanks. :3
  3. no problem
  4. Nice Polly! Drawing seems simple but it is so difficult to get something that looks right!

    You did well with the green.
  5. Thanks :D And yeah, my favorite color is green. :3
  6. That's beautiful, keep up the good work.
  7. What program did you use?
  8. Paintbrush?
  9. You can post now?
    I was going to tell her about Gimp if she has a graphics tablet for her computer. That way she can do shading and everything if she wants to.
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  10. It's working from my phone but not any computer.
  11. I like it Polly.
  12. Man. I need a capacitive pen for my tablet! The only apps available for my tablet that I like are Microsoft paint, sketchbook and sketchables. I wish they would make Corel paint and artrage available.
  13. Thanks for the recommended apps/ programs bc I'm an artist too c=
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  14. Very good.

    I'm pretty inept myself. Sometimes I can make very minor changes to something but usually although I can see I'm going wrong, I can't see how to correct my mistakes. I'd be quite capable of doing what the person in this did...

    Software wise and broadening things a little. I'm on Linux and the 2 most useful bits of software for dealing with images I've found are GIMP (which I mostly just use for changing contrast, resizing, etc. of photos but it can do loads more) and ImageMagick although I think that's perhaps more useful for batch work or (as I did when I ran a web site that could make music scores from abc on the fly - the php script called it to trim white space) automated processes.
  15. You are really good! I like it!
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  16. Can I post my art? C:

    I drew Felix from wreck it Ralph.

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  18. Here's one I did in photoshop. It's just a pic I took in hawaii, then another pic of me climbing a ladder, and some other random pics that I took all combined

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