My Confirmation Party Is This Sunday. :3

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  1. It's the confirmation lessons and party thing that are teached in Evangelical-Lutheran churches in Finland. It's this Sunday, Sunday 18th. I am quite excited. :3 What do you think about my confirmation? I am just a normal Christian though, not an Evangelical-Lutheran anymore, I am just a Biblical normal Christian, a born again too. :3 This Finnish confirmation party is named "Rippijuhlat", and the confirmation lessons are named "Rippikoulu". Every teen in Finland goes to those lessons and that party. :3 Too bad some of my friends from this website can't attend my party then because they live in other countries, especially USA. :/
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  2. My grandmother was Lutheran, but she didn't really practice it after she married my grandfather, so I can't say I know enough about Confirmations to have much of an opinion, but if it brings you closer to God, or recognizes a relationship with Jesus, then I think it's AWESOME no matter what it is called. I'd go if I could.
  3. Awesome. :3 Do you have some Nordic heritage then if your grandmother was Lutheran because Nordic is mostly Lutheran?
  4. I don't know much about her side of the family, but I suppose anything is possible. She always told me that her family was Romani, but we mostly spent time with my grandfather's family, and her side of the family was always a bit elusive. As with most of the lore from my family, I doubt there is much truth to any of it actually.
  5. Good Luck !!
    Put it on Youtube,and then we can use it as a witness tool.

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  6. Is the Evangelical Lutheran a State Church in Finland? Are there practicing Roman Catholics and others like Pentecostal churches?
  7. EXCELLENT !!!

    to make a decision to declare yourself a follower in His path is GREAT !!!

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