My Closest Friend

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  1. My Closest Friend

    I place my hope in you
    For you alone are Lord
    There could never be another
    I could ever love more

    There’s no one that comes closer
    To you in my life
    For you are my closest friend
    In whom I can confide

    And share my deepest longings
    My hurts and my fears
    Knowing you will understand
    And wipe away my tears

    Knowing I can come to you
    Morning, noon and night
    You will never turn me away
    But give ear to my plight

    And you will not condemn me
    Nor judge what I say
    For you are full of constant love
    And listen when I pray

    Your love was such that you died
    My soul you came to save
    From certain eternal misery
    Awaiting beyond the grave

    But now in you I can be sure
    Of eternity with you
    Freed from pain and misery
    With eternal joy too.

    © By M.S.Lowndes.
  2. Very nice Tavy! Thanks!
  3. That is one perfected in love. Amen
  4. That's nice..I like it alot and it says soooooo much..thank you for posting it.

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