My boyfriend of 2 years loves me, but I feel like whenever I try and fix our issues he distracts him

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by emzi, Jan 14, 2015.

  1. He organises all these social events after work. I am usually happy to go, but at the moment I want to spend that time fixing our problems. I fear I will give up very soon :'(
  2. A few questions to get started.. Is he a believer? I see that you are 19 years old.. So he is a boy friend from when you were 17 years old?
  3. I find its always best to sort problems ASAP. If issues are left, it puts great strain on relationships.
    Try and tell him how important it is to you you sort the issues out.
    Hopefully you can sort out your problems.
    God bless.
  4. Welcome to CFS by the way.
  5. He is a believer, we are both strong believers. We made an agreement that if we were to be together we would be pure, and also dedicated to reading God's word daily. I started the relationship at 17.
  6. Thanks for your advice, I feel at the moment that if he doesn't want to work things out, I may have to end our relationship. It is extremely hard, but I can't stay in it if he won't dedicate himself to it.
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    I think that communication is really needed in your relationship. Explain him why you want to fix the problems and why is it so important for you. Ask why he doesn't want it and try to understand his reasons. I will pray for you.

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