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  1. Go to and search for JesusFreak1982 and read my journals. It will have positive entries, but for now I'm posting how I'm feeling. Comment if you want to.
  2. Ok, will try and find. I haven't used livejournal before so I hope I can figure it out.
  3. Ok, I found it. Is ljapp a mobile app?

  4. Yes it is.
  5. If you can't find my blog, I will post the link later for you. I want you all to read it to know what I'm saying , and up to.
  6. This is what the member said that made me start blogging. And mods, I'm not making fun of them. I'm just saying thanks for the idea:

    This was from the A21349 member or whatever their name is.
  7. I am not able to find them.. If you can PM me the link, I can have a look and leave my comments :)

    This is the official link to my blog entries. Read them and comment if you want to. I would like to see what you guys have to say. Thanks and God bless.
  9. Okay, guys. I posted a video to my blog. Go watch it and let me know in the comments what you think. Thanks.
  10. I watched it. Awesome video. Thanks for sharing.

  11. You're more than welcome. I am going to post a video at least once a week over there.
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