my best mate having trouble with commitment

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  1. my best mate having trouble with commitment

    My best mate says he might ask his ex girl friend out again when he sees that she can hold down a job and has her licence

    he says that he doen't belive that she can hold down a job

    He says he cannont commit to her because of this.

    she has had jobs – but they fall through because of unforsence cercimstances eg- change of management + we have a drought her in Australia, so a lot of bussinesses are struggling- especilly those in the agricultutre/horicultre industry.

    he has broken it off 5 times because of this- she gets into a job- then he askes her back out- the job falls through and then he breaks it very soon after the job falls through

    has a bit of a learning disability and she a bit slower than others to learn things and build up her pace- (i am not critising her here), i have the same disability myself and i understand what it is like

    she has a current job in the local supermarket as a nightfiller doing 20hrs a week – that doesn't seem enough for him and sometimes is a bit slow- but however there is a pastor that works there who gives her encoragement

    i belive she can hold it down with encoragement

    he says he wants the best for her and i do too

    i think he that should not be the basis of commitment- i believe he should supporting to her despite of this.

    i think this is conditonal he saying i will love you if you have a job and a licence

    what do you think?
  2. Love is unconditional, only us humans want conditions.

    Is he breaking up wiht her simply because he would have to support her?

    Or is it because he doesn't feel that she can commit?

    If he loves her, it should nat matter if she has a job or not.

    Just because I am the only one working does not mean I do not love my wife any less.

    If it is due to commitment or because he has to support her, he needs to pray ans seek God for more advice.
  3. Is there a chance YOU are in love with this girl? :)

    He sounds disrespectful to her in my opinion!

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