My Best Freind Breaks it off with his Ex-Girlfreind

Discussion in 'Marriage and Relationships' started by e2007, Oct 24, 2007.

  1. My Best Freind Breaks it off with his Ex-Girlfreind

    My Best Freind Broke it off with his Girlfreind, becuase she doesn't have a Job and a Car Licence.

    She is struggling with this at the minute.

    I belive that he should be supporting her through her struggles and doing what ever her can to help her and not running away

    I belive that the wife's priamary role is to manage the house under the guidnce of the husband eg cleaning and cooking and looking after the children taking charge of the bills,etc ( i don't know where it says in the bible but thats what i belive from what i have heard in my walk)

    The Husband can help with these matters, but his primary role is the bread winner i belive and the wife can work if she wishes to, eg when the children are at school

    and also he seems have lust problem which is of corse not love (sorry to those who read the origonal message i ment to say that)

    If he had a problem with lust of course that is NOT love, however what to you think of the other things i mentioned?
  2. NO! :)Lust is not Love... Lust ask,what can you do for me.

    Love ask, what can I do for you.
  3. Love doesn't kick someone to the curb when it becomes convenient to do so.
  4. Love?
    Far from it!!!

    Hope this poor guy never gets down and out~


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