My Beloved

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  1. My Beloved

    A Study from Songs of Solomon 1 - Songs of Solomon 8..................

    With the enlightment from everybook from the bible especially to New Testament books............especial thanks to the Godhead



    Dark am I, yet lovely
    Do not look upon, because I am swarthy
    Because the sun-[world]-has scorched me
    I am rose of Sharon and the lily of the valleys
    And I got a Lover-Whom in His eyes have found peace
    He is Prince of Peace and the Government is upon His shoulder

    He is chief among ten thousand-King of kings
    His head is like purest gold and His hair white as snow
    Full of Authority and a Righteous judge in absolute wisdom of God
    His eyes are like a flame of fire, an Eternal wise Sheppard
    His feet are like fine brass-Judgment is upon His feet, He scatter His enemies like wax
    My beloved is Spirit and He is in the mist of the church- His Church

    A bungle of myrrh-Word of God-is my beloved to me,
    That lies all night in my heart, counseling me-O Mighty Counselor
    My beloved is to me a cluster of henna flowers in a garden of perfume
    How handsome you are, my Lover; O how charming you are
    Our sofa is green since there is fatness and abundance of Love in our relationship
    Under the fellowship of the Holy Ghost

    Like an apple tree among the trees of woods,
    So is my Beloved among fake, mute, deaf, inexistence gods,
    He is living-Risen from dead by the power of the Living God
    His fruit is sweet to my taste it gives eternal Life
    I have sat down in His shade with great delight
    In shadow of His wing, I will rejoice; He has been my Help

    My beloved cheeks are like bed of Spices, banks of scented herbs
    By His stripes I was healed, now healed and forever healed
    The lips of my Lover are Lilies, dripping liquid myrrh-[His Blood]
    Which washed away my sins and now I am white as snow and Spotless
    My sins, transgressions and iniquities have been atoned by my Beloved

    His mouth is sweetness itself, more than honey
    He speaks sweet Words, grace filled and they make my heart to leap like a deer,
    His grace filled Words give eternal Life, since they sharper than two edged sword,
    The discerner of the thoughts and intents of the heart and transform it to Life
    O Jesus, You are altogether lovely
    Lion of Judah, King of righteousness, Firstborn from dead
    I Love You
    ...............................................[Continues below]
  2. I slept but my heart is awake
    It’s the Word of God-My Faith-My Beloved
    Listen He is knocking saying “Open for Me, My Love, for my head is covered with dew†For everyday and night, He comes to visit me;
    That is why my heart yearns for Him, day and night
    My soul silently waits for Jesus Christ
    In You there is my Peace and Joy from Father God

    Kiss me with kisses of Your mouth,
    For your Love Jesus is better than the money and worlds pleasures
    Your Lovingkindness God is better than Life, in your court there is goodness
    Pleasing is the fragrance of Your perfumes
    Your name is Ointment poured forth, no wonder virgins Love You
    Perfume called Love-Righteousness of God Almighty
    Originator and Perfector of my Faith-Faith is Him
    My Beloved……….. [Jesus Christ]…………….

    Draw me closer to You day and night
    You draw me with gentle cords, teaching me every step so that I don’t stumble,
    The King of righteousness has brought me in to His chambers
    I have been raised up together with Him, and sitting heavenly places in Christ Jesus
    Jesus is mine and I am His, I…Love………..Him……
    He loved me while I was not worthy for such Love-Thank You Godhead

    He has brought me to the house of Faith, Hope and Love
    His banner over me is………………. LOVE………………..
    By Love you’ll see that I am in Him and He is in me, God is Love
    He has sustain me with cake and raisins, refresh me with apples
    For I am Love sick, His Spirit, my comforter abides in me
    I live because I’ve seen who sees me El Roi

    I remember Him on my bed; I meditate about Him in night watches
    His left hand is under my head, and His right hand embraces me
    He is the shoulder to cry on, Jesus desire is toward me
    My prayer and worship are incense, which smell as sweet aroma
    They let Him to come to His garden [My heart] and to eat its pleasant fruits of the Spirit
    Love, Joy, Peace, Longsuffering, Kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control

    Place me like a seal over Your heart, my Beloved
    As a seal upon Your Arm, for Love is stronger than death-
    It burns like blazing fire; You are jealous of me
    Behold He comes Leaping upon mountains
    Skipping upon hills, like a pillar of smoke, riding on clouds and having a crown on His head

    O hurry my Beloved, the whole earth needs You
    O that day of wedding-Me and You-What a day it would be
    I would tell Him “I Loved You, without seeing Youâ€
    My Beloved Christ Jesus-I Love You-Thank Father God for Your Son
    I am the true Israelite in heart, You have conquered me…Zion am I….

  3. Thanks father larry:)....surelly I would check it
  4. Beautiful poem, Nathi!!!
    Thanks to the Holy Spirit for the inspiration
    and to you for sharing!


  5. Really, what a great and welcome day it is - the coming of Bridegroom to His beloved Bride!!!

    Oh, come, Beloved Jesus! We are waiting for you! Every moment of our life we need you!
    Help us to live our life before You so that when You come we can hear from You these comforting words: "Well done, good and faithful servant; as you been faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things: enter into the joy of your Lord".
    Oh Lord! You will wipe away all tears from our eyes; and there will be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither pain: for we'll be with You forever and ever...

  6. Praise God .... God's Child. what a day that will be when my Jesus I will see when I look upon His face the one who saved me by His grace. What a day gloroius day that will be.:israel::israel::israel:
  7. AMEN, Dusty!:amen:
  8. Jesus Christ you are My Beloved.....O Lord how can I even worship You standing, because You are Mighty..Your Majesty..But I know, that You desire my spirit and heart to bow down, rather than a physical body to bow but the heart some wher else........But from today I'll do them both.....I am going to say these words of Job..........
    Job 42:5-6
    5 “I have heard of You by the hearing of the ear,
    But now my eye sees You.
    6 Therefore I abhor myself,
    And repent in dust and ashes.” }

    Today I understand why John had to fall down to ashes when He saw you in Glory [ Rev 1 :17 And when I saw Him, I fell at His feet as dead. But He laid His right hand on me, saying to me]

    Who am I Lord..I am Just a dust...I don't even deserve to be loved by You...But I Like to say Thank You for Your Love........I Humbled myself..........................

    ...............................YOUR MAJESTY.............................

    Bow down and Worship Him
    Bow down and Worship Him
    King of Zion, Consuming Fire
    Sweet Perfume-Awesome Presence in this place
    ...............................YOUR MAJESTY!!........................
  9. Oh Lord! How majestic You are! I bow down and praise and worship You with all Your saints and angels!
    O Lord, what is man that You remember of him, that You visit him and love him... Great and Holy You are, my Beloved Jesus! Amen.


    Charming, Awesome, beautiful in His countenance
    Strong, Mighty, He has become my Refuge
    I hide in His arms with Comfort and Delight at night
    You have become my Morning Alarm
    You woke me up with Breakfast in bed
    The breakfast of peace, joy and strength: I can Face the day
    You always say "I Love you my wife and beautiful you are"
    O Lord Jesus You are so Romantic be continued.........................

    Hey I aint gay:D
  11. No you are not- Nobody can look at Jesus and not be moved.
  12. Beautiful, Nathi!


    I'm looking forward to see the continuation.

    Really, Jesus is so romantic and lovely!!!


    He is the fountain of living waters
    Out of His bosom there is fountain of Life
    From the rivers of His pleasure there is Lovingkindness
    O God how precious is Your lovingkindness?
    Who can we trust? You can put your confidence in Him

    What can a man do to live?
    In such a futile and desolate world; world full of sorrow
    What can a man do to get Joy and Peace?
    Only by trusting in the LORD-The giver of Life
    You can put your confidence in Almighty God

    A man who trust in Him
    Is Like Mount Zion (Mountain of Faith)
    Which cannot be moved but abides forever
    He waited to be gracious to them; He was exalted to have mercy on them
    He is the God of justice: Blessed are those who wait for Him
    You can put your confidence in the Prince of Peace

    In such a sinful world, all a man can do
    Is to abide in the true Vine; to bear fruits of righteousness by Faith
    When things looks so hard and painful, but joy comes to those
    Who looks unto the Originator and Perfector of great things-Christ Jesus
    You can put your confidence in Yahweh

    Groaning and weeping all around you;
    But Laughter and Joy come to those who delight in His Law
    Those who meditate night and day in His word and Precepts
    Peace comes to them who trust in His counsel
    You can put your confidence in Him

    Wow! Those who trust in Him
    Oh! Those who waits for Him
    Those who earnestly seek Him: Who is like them?
    Those whose hopes are in Him: Who is comparable to them? No one:)
    You can put your confidence in Elohim

    Like a tree planted by rivers of water,
    That brings forth its fruits in it's season
    So are those who trust and lean on God
    Fear will not uphold them even in drought seasons
    Because they are a fruitful bough which run over the walls

    They have wisdom because they Fear God
    They have understanding because they have departed from evil
    Walking in His ways it’s all they desire-in such a crooked world
    Hoping and trusting in His word-there is fullness of Joy
    O People put your confidence in Him
    For with Him there is mercy: According to His abundant mercy
    He has begotten us again to a living Hope-He raised Him from dead-O Hallelujah

    O my soul silently waits for Him
    My soul longs for You-My trust is in the LORD
    In Him I have Life-In Him I have Peace-You are my Refuge
    I put my confidence in You for all the days of my Life
    Father God where would I be without You?
    I’m not of this world, am just passing by
    I am of Him who loves me unconditional

    Heavenly Father, Ancient of Days
    The heart of a man is deceitful above all things
    Only You God who knows it
    You search the heart and test motives and thoughts
    O Father I need a heart filled with Your Spirit.

    LORD I understand and agree my heart is wicked
    Therefore LORD I repent-renew my heart
    Take away this stony heart from me
    Put a new heart and new Spirit
    O God circumcise this heart by Your Spirit

    Evil must not be found in my heart,
    May it be pure, O LORD wash it
    By the blood of Jesus Christ
    Cleanse my heart, I am such a sinner
    O sinner I am, and disobedient person, forgive me LORD

    Lies still proceed from my heart
    Remove this filthiness in my heart
    My heart is full of pride and selfish ambitions
    O Gracious God purge me with hyssop
    Renew steadfast Spirit in me

    I dont want to meditate on evil anymore
    But only on Your word
    Only on Your precepts and statutes
    Put a heart that will believe You and Love You always
    I need a Holy Spirit filled heart

    LORD You looks at the heart of man
    It must be the altar where I offer my meditations
    And they must smell as a sweet aroma to You
    May You rejoice on my heart
    Father I pray in the name above every name-Jesus Christ

    It must be a place where I put pillars of remembrance
    Whenever I have an encounter with You
    Whenever I have wrestled with You
    Then offer offering of Praise on this heart
    LORD I need a Holy Ghost filled heart

    My Lord Fill it with the Holy Spirit
    When Your Light comes out like the sun
    May the dew-Your Word-evaporates from it
    And return to You not void
    But with my character changed to Your likeliness

    May if be full of grain offering
    With every deed of my body and meditations be unleavened
    May it offer firstfruits of thanksgiving prayer and praise every second
    Lord I repent; I am a sinner-transform me to a better person
    May I decrease and You grow in me, each and everyday

    May this heart be sensitive to the voice of the Spirit
    Because the Spirit speak Your heart
    O Lord how can I miss Your counsel?
    By Your counsel I live-I need You Father God
    In Christ Jesus name I pray


  15. He Loved Me

    He Loved me so much that He gave me Life
    He Loves me so much that He watches over me day and night
    God Loves me with Everlasting Love
    Jesus Loved me while I was no body

    He showed mercy over me

    He had compassion to this rebellious child

    He was gracious to me

    He gave me life while I was dead in trespasses

    So much Love He offered to me
    Unworthy was I am yet He laid His life for me
    The love of God gave birth to me
    O I am going to Love like He does

    How can I thank You, Father?

    O what can I give to thank You, Jesus?

    I’ll only be your love slave Lord

    Love through me; Let me be the vessel of Your Love

    Because, You heard my cries while in distress
    Please may Your Love Nature abides in me
    You loved me and laid Your Life for me
    Teach me to lay my life for my brethren too

    I remember crying in that Bed saying these words

    “Lord, I don’t want to live like this anymore”

    Him who Lives forever, heard me and rescued me from death

    He Loved while I was unworthy

    Father God, what would I be without You?
    Thank You for loving us and gave Him up for us
    Lord when I forget about the Love mission to fulfil
    Remind me; remind me of this wonderful call

    There is a joy that I feel

    And this joy is from within

    It has given me peace and strength

    The joy I have is from Him who Loved me

    He Loves me such that He sit with me in heavenly places
    His Love for me cause Him to visit and walk with me daily
    Father Love me in a way that He prosper me in all things
    He Loved me while covered with shame, I will Love Him always


  16. Nathi! thank you so much! I feel so blessed by your poems!
    May the Lord richly bless you...

  17. Thanks brother that was refreshing.:D

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