My baby life as Chili

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  1. My baby life as Chili

    My Mom knew how to feed me. it all started with Gerber baby salsa. Yes salsa:smiley120:

    That is how I started my career in the chili business. Thanks Mom!! I dont freeze in the winter, I stay cool in the summer cuz when I eat chili I am hotter than the surrounding weather there for it makes it feel cooler.:smiley50:. Yes chili has many many uses. it's a food, it's a cooler, it's a heater, it's a medicine, it's a DARE!! to the unwary. i just love chili's , don't you? Hehehehehe:smiley180:

    Your humble chili Dawg
  2. Cool..... He he he

  3. ROFL!! Hilarious! :smiley90:
  4. you & my hubby both!
  5. Chili that made me LOL so hard!
  6. No wonder the expression on your face on the baby food jar is so ... uhhh... well....I can certainly understand why you look very disturbed and surprised

  7. Hey! I just noticed you have 888 Posts.
    8 = a new beginning. And you sure do have a new beginning here as
  8. Hey my Chili's someting for you, heheheee:)

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  9. 888? I see 892 OK! This is good. at least it aint 66. A new beginning!? Of course it is. I just planted 2 doz Ghost chili seeds, 2 Doz Devils toung seeds, 2 doz Amazzo chili seeds, 2 doz Aji Crystal yellow and Aji red seeds. O ya the Jalapeno can wait till may. They grow fast. But good things come to those that wait. i can wait all right but I got dried to git me through the rest of the winter. TY Jesus. I will be going to the farmers market this year and sell chilis'

    a new beginning it is sis. Thanks for the uplift!! I am renewed and energized. I am beerless and fearless. It really is a new beginning. C ya l8tr sis GS. God Bless
  10. Chili you had 888 posts at that time. You've posted several more until THIS time, so it says different now.
  11. I love the last part .... You deserve congratulations , Chili me friend and I know it was all God's doing and His help but still you stayed strong .... I am so proud of you chili . Praise God .
    Did you tell Larry ?
  12. Do you know what ever seeds you plant they grow???

    We don't want any more ghosts and devils! :evil:
    Hey how about planting some ANGEL :pray: seeds, and LOVE :smiley230: seeds, and FUN :smiley370: seeds - even silly:dance: seeds I like LOL
  13. That IS great!!!
  14. That may be a great thing to do, but you can't eat those:)
  15. I don't think I want to eat ghost and devil chilies, but I have had ANGEL food cake before and devil food cake and deviled eggs. :) I heard someone called them angel eggs . LOL

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