My Aunt's Lung Cancer

Discussion in 'Praise Reports / Testimonials' started by Christine, Apr 12, 2011.

  1. I want to praise God again as I was praying every night for my auntie's lung cancer that was diagnosed a month ago. She came out of the hospital after her surgery and recovery with the cancer extracted. She now has a lung and a half. I continue to pray that she does not have a relapse.
  2. Praise God for that! God is so good :)
  3. Awesome , im happy for you.
  4. Aunty sent me an e-mail about a week or 2 ago saying that she's officialy cancer free, I can't remember if I told ya when I told Dad.
  5. Yeah, but she could still have a relapse and so I continue to pray that she doesn't.
  6. yeah i know. I hope she doesn't.

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