Muslim husbands with more than one wife to get extra benefits as ministers recognise

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  1. Give me a break......:eek::eek::eek::eek:
  2. oh man they are having a laugh right ? i thought it was illegal to have more than one wife, by illegal i mean you know 'against the law' !!! im sick of this kind of crap. makes me sick!
  3. Many countries, and even some states in the US don't support polygamy, however they have international laws that have to recognize the marriages if they happened in a place that DID allow it.
  4. Oh! That is totally nuts. It's one thing to be tolerant of other religions and even cults, but to bend Christian laws to accomodate these religions is crazy! THEN the tax laws? Arrrrggh!:mad:
    God bless,
  5. That i didnt know. I guess its the same in the UK. Still shouldnt mean they can leech more cash from the government though :(

    Love your avatar btw!! Thankfully im yet to unlock that one, but i guess it could happen at any time!!!
  6. I just showed this to my friends. J1 said one wife was enough, and what was wrong with Muslim men who have more than one! J2 swatted him with a sock for that one.:D
    I would think more than one wife would be a little confusing for the children growing up in a Christian country, wouldn't it?
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  7. lol

    yeah one wife is enough for me, but i would consider another if i was paid enough :D
  8. Muslims demand special treatment, If not they wine and use threats if they dont get what they want.

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