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  1. Hi guys, I joined this forum because I fell in love with a Muslim girl... Her charm is like none I've ever seen and her love is like none I've ever felt. Last night we were discussing marriage and she said that she won't marry a Catholic man... She asked me if I would convert for her so her parents would allow it. We've discussed this many times before and the talk of a life together seems so perfect. She's the ideal woman for me. I told her I don't want to turn my back on God but later I succumbed to her. The conclusion was that I pretend of course... Seems so childish. I looked up at my ceiling and asked God for help and guidance because this is so confusing. I need to know what to do... Do I leave the girl I would like to spend the rest of my life with? Or will God understand my reasoning?

    Also, how can I show her my God? She is so perfect until we discuss topics of Israel and Palestine and Islam. She refuses that Muslims convert to Christianity
  2. Hi, welcome to the forum.
  3. Seems like she is standing firm in her Muslim faith. Will you stand firm in your Christian faith?

    Here is one of my favorite verses:

    Listen, my son! Listen, son of my womb!
    Listen, my son, the answer to my prayers!
    Do not spend your strength on women,
    your vigor on those who ruin kings.
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  4. Implying I should let her go...? I wish I had someone to talk to who went through these things
  5. Based on your original post I would say yes it would be wise to let her go. You said she refuses that Muslims convert to Christianity, and you were also succumbed to her. At this moment in time it doesn't seem healthy. I would recommend letting her go, praying to God about it, and seeking advice from Christians you know. Maybe later on down the road things will change, maybe she will be inspired by you standing firm in your faith, who knows.
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  6. Lies are NOT the way to have a relationship.

    If you cannot reach a collaboration where you may remain in your faith and she in yours, then you will have to drop this.

    It WILL end badly if you try and stay your current course.
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  7. 2nd Corinthians 6:14 - Do not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers...

    You have to understand what she is up against.... If she "Converts" - her whole family disowns her.... Right there on the spot... and by "Whole" - I mean everybody... uncles, aunts, parents, siblings, grandparents, etc... They NEVER have contact with her again.. (If they are moderately conservative...) If they are ultra-conservative - they kill her AND you too.... and that's not an exaggeration... Google this up if you don't believe me... Yes - this even goes on in the USA....

    For yourself... Understand that while Islam may *Seem* close to an outsider... it's a totally different religion altogether.... Literally..... Don't be fooled by "What's the problem - We believe in one god".....

    After going through something similar while back in College.... Cut it off - this relationship is preventing you from meeting the woman God has for you... Pray to God that he would prepare and send you a suitable Godly wife for you.... This is a real blessing.....

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  8. I have some Muslim friends, and its unfortunate that this is true. So depending on how conservative her family is, he's putting her life in danger and his. He is also putting his relationship with Christ in jeopardy if he is succumbed to her. It seems like lust. Don't beat yourself up over it though brother. It's good that you came here to talk about it. If you have a local church you attend, definitely go there and get more advice from the leaders.
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  9. My family has been falling apart through divorce and church is something that doesn't happen anymore.. I am open to it but I feel very dark inside! Last night I had a dream the devil picked me up and made me look at myself in the mirror and I woke up making a sound of fear
  10. Sometimes it feels like God is not answering our prayers.. The truth is, we already know the answer.. And we try to reason with God and question his already revealed will.. And sometimes God will slap us back.. And sometimes He will remain silent.. Meditate on what He has already revealed about marriage.. Some brothers have already given you a big chunk of what Bible talks about it..
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  11. I think you should think about the possibility that she might take the children to an Islamic country, and you will never see your children again.
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  12. I've heard a few stories like this.
  13. Sounds like a very unpleasant situation. Here's my opinion on it, for what it's worth. Our faith in the higher powers that we each believe in are the most important foundation for who we are, and consequently, the most important foundation for a relationship. Love makes things hard, but the Bible does warn us about being joined with unbelievers. It sucks bad, I know, but I believe that if you trust God in this area, He will make it well worth your while. I don't think you will want to compromise on something as important as religion. I apologize if my answer is too candid. Whichever course of action you choose, I wish you the best of luck!
  14. So... Pretty, nice Muslim girl... Problem solved... Right? She is an island of stability and calm in the storm..... You forget about all the pain and heartache when you are around her.....

    Your problems are bigger than you can handle right now - and this is only throwing a gigantic monkey wrench into the situation..... Even if SHE were to Convert to Christianity - you would still be in a mess....

    Here's how this plays out.... Your life is a mess... Say you DO convert to be with Her... Your life will be no less of a mess because your problems aren't COMING from Outside - your problems are coming from Inside... and YOU will drive her out.... So... Not only will you forsake your faith - but you will also drive her away....

    Step back.... Back to Basics..... You need Jesus now more than ever - when your life seems to be falling apart around you.... While it seems like a great time for a relationship - someone to talk to and to commiserate with... It's a HORRIBLE time for this...

    The real solution is to start working on YOU... To own up that the issues going on are having a large effect on you... That YOU are your parents son - and 100% of the trouble and evil within them is also within you.... if you don't resolve these issues inside YOU - you will do the SAME thing to your wife......

    Step back... Pray to God that he would start to make you into the Man that would be able to have the Wife he is preparing for you.
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  15. 1. Muslim woman are God fearing and that appeals to every man = I can understand your dilemma.
    2. If they were truly God fearing / selfless they would accept Jesus = take her to some meetings and see if she falls in love with Jesus, the King of selflessness.
    3. Remember that God cannot control the will of those who don't submit their will / lives to Him = There is a good chance she is the devils offering. An apple with worms.
    4. Do not let a woman deceive you and cause you to give up your faith. You will fall so hard!
  16. Wow, thank you.
  17. Look, if this is what God wills for you then it will happen.

    But do not convert for her because it is your will and do not have her convert for you because it is her will.

    Not by either of your wills, but by God's.

    But in no case should you ever try to live a double life of saying you are Muslim when you are not. That deception is a very evil thing for a person.
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  18. On it's face it seems quite the quandary.

    First off, you are suffering from infatuation not love, don't confuse the two.
    Second, Jesus is the reality, Islam is the bad parody. How do you expect to have a lasting and stable relationship with a woman who
    (regardless of how pretty or charming she is) is completely and utterly wrong about the most important aspect of living?
    The devil will have a field day with your life. If you think you know unhappiness now, give it time and a little help from a heathen spouse.
    Do not yoke yourself to the damned, nor become one of them. It really is that simple.
  20. This is going to sound like it's coming from the mouth of an atheist, which I am certainly not, but this is one of those situations where religious beliefs are the very thing keeping the two of you apart. I'm not saying your beliefs are wrong nor hers. But they are incompatible in a way that makes a relationship impossible.
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