Musical Instrumentation

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  1. Musical Instrumentation

    Does any one here play any musical instruments? I play the piano. I am some what good. I just got back from a piano concert from my college where I played Beethoven's the Moonlight Sonata 1st movement. It was fun even though I was really nervous XD.

    So this thread is basically to talk about what instruments you play, what songs you can play, what you are learning etc...
  2. I pick at a guitar a little but one cannot call it music. I am really good at playing the CD player! My youngest teenage son is really quite talented with a guitar.
  3. I've played the guitar since 1970. I've studied theroy and was at one time a pretty fair fingerstylist. I love jazz, and oh by the way Moonlight Sonata, rock, christian music, etc.
  4. I can play a mean radio. :D I have no musical talent other than appreciating different genres that glorify God.

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