Musical Bible Study!

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  1. Musical Bible Study!

    I had this idea for a Bible study i want to do with my youth.
    I really love Christian music. i love the message of it and i feel like God speaks to me through it.. and even more than that. i love looking up the scriptures behind a song. so here was my idea for the study.

    We start off with a pary. i tell all the youth to bring a cd or two of Christian music that they like. we listen to music and have a good time . playing games and different activities.. i announce that we will be having this new Bible study and i want them to choose 2 songs each to start off with. each week we would do 1 song. i would tell them the song the week before. so they have a chance to listen to it, maybe look up some scripture behind it. then on wednesday when we all get to class we listen to the song and i teach on the scripture behind the song.

    now keep in mind i have a youth group of about 15-20 youth. from ages 13-18. and after we finish the 2 songs from each we could either end it and start a new study.. or let them bring more songs...

    i did a test lesson one night with the song "who am I" by casting crowns. it went over well b/c many liked the song for how it sounded and never really looked at what it ment.

    but anyways. what do you think about the idea?
  2. Sounds like a good idea to me. :D

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