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  1. What sort of music do you like?

    I am a church musician and play the organ but also find ways to incorporate guitar, recorder and even concertina. And when I'm able to find good singers, unaccompanied harmony singing is a lot of fun and a real treat.

    We did this one not so long ago:

    Outside of church I like rock, especially stuff from the 60s and 70s, British folk, early music, and even a lot of noisy and experimental stuff.
  2. Beautiful music Peace :) very meditative to the Word and praises to Jesus. IIIIIIII like it :)
  3. If you like that check out pretty much anything by Tallis, it's all pretty yummy. 16th century stuff, very beautiful.
  4. My mother really enjoyed the Tallis piece.

    I like bits of a few types of music but the bulk of my own enjoyment comes from folk music from the British Isles. Thinking of older folk music, I guess you have come accross Turlough O'Carolan (1670-1738) in your folk music? Here's one tune attributed to him.

    Do you play concertina and if so, which type(s)?
  5. I love O'Carolan! I play lots of it, on a few instruments, I have some great arrangements for recorder and harpsichord (I play both of those), solo guitar, and concertina too.

    I play an anglo concertina.

    I could list my favourite O'Carolan tunes quite easily if you wanted me to...
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  6. Lot's more instruments and more versatile than me then. I'm mostly attempt jigs and reels on GDAE fretted strings (mandolin, tenor banjo, etc.), I sometimes dabble with guitar and even more rarely try to see if I can still get something out of G/D melodeon.

    I've tried one (just playing straight rows) but couldn't really get my fingers round it. I've heard some excellent players with bigger hands than me though..

    I don't know many but I'd be interested to know what your favourites are. Of the ones I know, I'd probably say Planxty Irwin, Fanny Poer and Lord Inchiquin as my favourite three.
  7. I have an octave mandolin at home tuned GDAE, but I haven't taken the time to practice many tunes on it, I was interested for a time more in accompaniments, but I'm keen to get back into it again.
    I've played a lot of instruments in my life but learning the anglo was the hardest one. I still find it hard.
    You listed a bunch of my favourites but I would add to that list Morgan Magan, James Plunkett, Si Bheag Si Mhor and Sir Festus Burke.
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    There's no hard fast rule as I'm sure you know but a number of accompanists seem to prefer GDAD or ADAD on these things.

    I know (and like) So Bheag Si Mhor. I'll have to look the others up.

    Edit, on listening, I find I have heard Sir Festus Burke a few times.
  9. I listen to modern day worship songs. I posted some songs already in the thread "Music I recommend" by Huntingteckel in the category 'Books, Music and Television'
  10. As for worship songs, I'm most likely to enjoy stuff that might be found in Hymns Ancient and Modern, Sankey and Moody, etc. There are exceptions but I've found little in the way of contemporary Christian music that I enjoy. (As I've said before, each to their own though).
  11. I agree that whatever works for the individual to help worship God is what they should be listening to :)
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  12. I like lots. Metal, hardcore, alternative rock, nu metal (some) , progressive metal, power metal, symphonic metal, blues rock. I even like some bluegrass.

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