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  1. Music Videos

    Before the upgrade there was a certain place for music videos and showed the acutal video on the post and all the info just by posting the URL. I don't see that place anymore so went to the forum for music and none of my videos work now that I had posted.

    How do I post videos on this new site?

  2. Terry Scott Taylor "Soon"
  3. But how did you do it? lol

    I'll need to change all of my I already posted last year.
  4. sorry...use the "filmstrip" on the toolbar, and put in the URL.
  5. Ok thanks. I tried posting all three links,which didn't work, but didn't see a You tube icon like some sites have. I'll try that.
  6. Great! It worked! I'm having a hard time searching for them though, since they aren't listed in my subscription now like before. There's so many videos on here.
  7. There is a chance that any videos that were linked on the old version of the CFS forum software were not brought forth in the new CFS forum software due to a different processing coding. Some may have made it while others that the system did not recognize were eliminated during the update. That was completely out of our hands and even the staff lost some things in our staff discussion area as well. :(
  8. I know some lost lots. Even I lost some. But there are alot that go way back a few years. So it's odd how only certain ones were randomly lost.
  9. The video page we had previously was a third party addon for our forum software. With the recent upgrade those third party addons had to be disabled. It was necessary in order to avoid software clashes. I'm sorry if you've lost some videos. The new film strip button enables you to directly add video into a post and it is provided by the original developers. Hopefully we won't have a problem in future.

  10. Hello Jeff

    That's ok. :) I tend to lose features on any upgrade. I didn't lose that much and it was just music videos which are not as important as posts. I know some lost 100s. That's bad. You'd think they would design upgrades so things don't get lost but usually some or all things are lost on the forums I've been on during upgrades. Isn't there another one coming out in a week or so? It may not be a major thing though, perhaps one of those that fixes glitches - hopefully.

    I didn't notice the film strip until it was pointed out to me. I couldn't remember how I did it on this site so was looking for one of those You tube icon :p

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