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  1. Music tips...

    Ok, so my fiance loves to sing and I like doing it too but I kind of s*ck at it... And I have a really deep voice so that makes it harder. Does anybody have any tips for singing and for singing with a low deep voice? Any good songs to use to get better at singing and to suit a deep voice? Exercises to try?

    This is one song I like but it's pretty high pitch singing...
    But it's a good slow song nonetheless.
  2. Hey were we posting at the same time? I just posted a thread LOL
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  4. You can't sing as good sitting down as standing up and its harder to sing on a full stomach.

    Probably not exactly what tips you were looking for :smiley10:

    Sing from you diaphram not your throat and you can sing deeper.
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    Aw darn... That means I have to actually get up?

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    Something like aw darn i gotta get up. I don't know...
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  12. Hey I just posted that scripture on your thread a little earlier but I hadn't looked at this yet. It is a good song
  13. Yeah it is. It's nice and soothing. I like singing it and just listening to the piano playing alone without the singing.

    Very soothing.

  14. Yes its peaceful.
    You must r have a really low voice if its even lower than an octive lower than her voice is.
    Are you a base singer?
  15. I don't sing professionally but I have had people tell me that I talk in a low G. (I think that is the lowest pitch.)
    I am learning to sing softer and that makes my pitch go up a little I notice and to me it sounds more soothing.

    I would say when I don't go soft with my voice, it sort of as deep a voice as Elvis...
    (My fiance loves my voice though :) )
  16. Its true the softer you sing the lower you can sing. And with a mic on your pc or if in a church, having the mic louder and holding it real close you can reach those low notes. Then back off the mic some when you get to the higher parts. That's what I do anyway
  17. Oh, neat. That is very cool. I might have to try that.
  18. If anybody knows any good practice songs, I'd love a few.
    I kind of like that O sacred head song... It's more of a sacred choral classical thing though which ii don't really like but it's a slow song and the words are bam! right there. I don't really like the voice of the singer though...
  19. Phil - If you have a 'Baritone' or 'Bass' voice for singing, you actually need another singer or singers in the tenor and soprano range to compliment your voice range. Unfortunately, a baritone or bass voice is not usually a 'lead' or 'solo' voice, but is relegated to the harmony line. If you sing with others, make sure that the sheet music scoring that everyone uses is proper for their particular voice range. Publishers usually make voice arrangement sheet music available to church groups at a discounted price. Arrangements for a particular song normally cover the piano/organ score plus choral breakdown's for lead, chorus and harmony parts for men and women. Women are normally arranged into soprano, mezzo-soprano and contralto while men are usually arranged into countertenor, tenor, baritone and bass.

    Once everyone has the proper score for their voice range, a good audio technician is usually called in to set up the church equalizer board and mic inputs for each person so the final amplified result is balanced properly and so no one singer is heard over the others unless a lead or solo portion is being sung.


    (P/S - I used to sing solo ( so low that they couldn't hear me... I also was asked to sing tenor... ten or 15 miles away...LOL )
  20. I think that is mainly with choir music, you need a high pitched voice but there are plenty of genres out there and a lot of different voices. Country music and 50's and things like that have a lot of lower pitched singing where as classical, opera and things like that have a lot of higher pitched singing. I think it all depends on the tempo and pitch of the instruments. Not every song in the world will have super high pitched singing I don't think. Just look at Elvis. He has a really low voice but he didn't need other singers really. He even ended up doing amazing grace in a choir and did pretty good. I think all voices are unique. and who knows... As I learn more and practice and broaden my range, I might be able to comfortably start singing higher.

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