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  1. I saw some other posts about churches today, and it got me to thinking... that’s a good thing I hope :). Anyway, for some reason, maybe because I grew up with only traditional music worship (singing hyms, piano and organ) in the church, I have always tended to consider other forms (electric guitars, etc.) as kind of inappropriate. I know many people now (seems to be mostly younger generations) who prefer the more diverse musical styles and I hadn’t really given it much thought, beyond my initial feelings, until I focused in on Psalm 150:1-6:

    1 Praise ye the Lord. Praise God in his sanctuary: praise him in the firmament of his power.

    2 Praise him for his mighty acts: praise him according to his excellent greatness.

    3 Praise him with the sound of the trumpet: praise him with the psaltery and harp.

    4 Praise him with the timbrel and dance: praise him with stringed instruments and organs.

    5 Praise him upon the loud cymbals: praise him upon the high sounding cymbals.

    6 Let every thing that hath breath praise the Lord. Praise ye the Lord.

    These verses are putting it in a different light for me... what are your thoughts?
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  2. I agree...this scripture does give new light on contemporary worship songs and the music used in many churches these days. Some larger congregations have different services with different types of music or at least one service toned down somewhat from the others.

    I also grew up with traditional type music. Our church used this as part of the liturgy every Sunday. But that also has changed considerably over the years.

    I guess it is simply that there are different ways to praise and worship as brought out by Psalm 150:1-6 which inquiring mind mentions. God sees the heart! And God understand there are different hearts...and more than one way to worship Him.
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  3. What is God's favorite song? The one that connects your heart to His. :)

    I grew up with the old and now I love the old and the new (but especially the new).
    In the 1500's the church organ was called the "devil's bagpipes" but just try and get it out of a traditional church now- the fur would fly!
    My opinion (which when added to a couple of $ could get you a cup of coffee) is to each His own on worship. God is not interested in the notes but the hearts. He does not seem to have a preference and more than He cares if you wear tennis shoes, dress shoes, or sandals.
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  4. Exactly for it was God Himself who said make a Joyful Noise unto me!!
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  5. We should only use harps, lyres, and trumpets (Sarcasm)
    Although I wouldn't mind seeing more harps, and trumpets =/
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  6. We have had this discussion many times before on this forum; and quite frankly I am surprised that it hasn't become a banned topic as sometimes it can get quite hairy because people are passionate about their style of music.

    #1: We are commanded to be "Holy": separated, different, a special treasure, sanctified, set-apart, anointed, a light, salt, example, not conformed to this world, imitating Christ. I can't accept that ALL types of music styles are 'holy' just because they use name of of Christ. I think we often forget the God to whom we are singing praises too.

    #2: Grace: I believe God tolerates more from His children because of His mercy and grace in love and appreciates the effort; but I can't see God "Rocking Out". Who knows, I am willing to be wrong.

    #3: In our stubborn pride on any topic (including personal taste in music); people have a tendency to create a false image of what is acceptable to God and disregarding some very basic principles set in scripture to help us discern what is 'holy and acceptable to God'. These include: decency, order, appropriateness, modesty, meekness/ humility, kindness, etc...

    #4: God LOVES Music which I think that is why He tolerates some of the things happening in churches. We will learn how to worship him correctly once we get to heaven.

    #5: There is no 'thou shalt not wear skinny pants and play electric guitar' commandment. Which is exactly why we need to 'work out our own salvation with fear and trembling'. How do we do this? LEARN what God likes: see #3 above. Have "respect" for God enough to let go of what you 'think' is right and pursue what is "Holy".

    So my answer would be: err on the side of Holiness in everything you do including music.

    If we find Jesus rapping karaoke in a cafe' in New Jerusalem, I guess we'll have our answer. For now on This Earth, worship with holiness in mind-not our feelings. (Sometimes not so easy to do.)
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  7. I like this thread.

    I love the phrase 'devil's bagpipes', and will be using it forthwith on my children and their mind-numbing tunes! They already call 'kale' the devil's cabbage LOL

    The idea of going to church and having harps and trumpets? That would be amazing. Why not? I'd go just for that!

    'Jesus rapping in a karaoke bar' ????? I don't even know where to go with that one:D But i'll bet there are Christian rappers out there somewhere, expressing themselves.

    At the end of the day, FCJ's comment is perfect. I guess it just depends on what your idea of a joyful noise is.

    In the mean time, it's great fun to read individual thoughts (and sarcastic comments) on the subject:)
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  8. Let the heart of what yo do be holy unto Him and forget the details of the how you got there- He will be pleased.
    I am not even sure He listens to the sound (especially the way I sing lol) but only the heartbeat behind it.
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