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  1. It's so hard to find good Christian music. It's like no talent people just get signed because record labels need people.
  2. The Christian music industry, from my personal observation, has always seemed to do one of two things; either produce its own generic, boring music (my opinion) OR so much focus on making a derivative of mainstream music, and it was often a pale derivative.

    The best Christian music that I can think of (again, my opinion) are hymns, old bluegrass, and gospel from the 50s/60s.

    The only genre the Christian industry seemed to push out successfully was Ska music. But Christian pop/rock geared to reach younger people always seemed insulting almost--the bar was lowered in quality. This is clearly all relative, but it was my experience anyway.
  3. I seem it be getting more confused each time some of these things are raised. I had been settling for styles unfamiliar to me but punk was raised, I think in this one. Would I find Christian Punk a pale derivative of say The Sex Pistols (not that I know that much about them but I remember God Save The Queen...).? Quite possibly.

    I think it was you who started a "how to write A Christian song" thread? I've often had the feelings of certain music being formulated... I'm wonering if you've ever come accross this one which is basically a comment of the rise of "Dulyn clone" singer songwriters in folk but some perhaps be applied to other things?

    One other question I have is on voices. I'm one of those with a roughish voice (and in "purist folk style" - bit of a joke but...) sing (when I try to _I'm more into tunes) in my own voice. I sometimes wonder whether for certain "folk" songs I should put on my best American Accent, for others try (not that I could) to sound like a X Factor contestant. For hymns, perhaps I could learn to sound "angelic" but to me there would be a sort of falseness about it. I'm the non saintly me giving my song to God as me, nothing else.
  4. God gave us creativity and I believe he can be worshiped through a variety of genres. Just discovered these guys! You might like em...Smooth rock love it!! The lead singer sounds a lot like Daughtry. Enjoy and God Bless :)

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  5. The remix is better than the original, in my opinion.

  6. So first off I just want to list a few secular bands that I like Metallica, Black Sabbath, Slayer, CRCanda(Cole Roland), avenged sevenfold, children of Bodom, Judas Priest, Korn, and Myuu.

    Now for the christian bands Project 86 (actually my favorite band too)

    Nine lashes

    Becoming the archetype (very close second favorite)

    Also hats off to the tribute to old school gaming

    Oh and demon hunter

    Also check out Blood in tears if you're not into the heavy metal stuff
  7. Reminds me of high school. I kept bouncing back and forth between these bands and a lot of ska.
  8. I love Becoming the Archetype. And I love old school games. That video is one of my favorites.

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