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  1. For Today
    I like some of their songs. I didn't like their first album very much though.

  2. Yea I don't listen to this "gospel bluegrass" a lot, but these guys are really good and some if it really glorifies the Lord.
  3. Other than Nine lashes I personally don't think I liked any of the other bands that were listed up there. I used to listed to a lot of Christian metal and infact that is what led me on to listening more and more to good praise and worship that I know play in my church worship team on Sundays :) Guitar is my thang!!!

    Whitecross, Stryper, Petra back into the 80's to name a few. Presently like listenign to German Pascual and Narnia. These are pure Christian bands. Clean NOTHING demonic about them. Have a listen and let me know what you guys think of!

    German Pascual - I call for the one

    German Pascual - Seek the Truth

    Narnia - Living Water

    God Bless
  4. That's understandable. I didn't like this type of music until I found there were quite a few concept albums in Christian metal. Those things aren't very popular so I changed the music I listened to to accommodate it. I love concept albums.

    I'm not able to listen to the songs now but I will a bit later today.
  5. Each one to his own :D!! Check Seventh Wonder out - You might like them too. They are something like contemporary Christian but would't say Gospel lyrics like Narnia, although some songs do have some great lyrics. Ill post one of theirs down here too. BTW here's another one from Narnia:

    Narnia - This is my life

    Seventh Wonder - Alley Cat
  6. I like German Pacaul and Narnia. I'm surprised that you didn't like Theocracy. Did I forget to post that?
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  8. One more, a remake of an old Dylan tune,

  9. Glad you enjoyed Narnia and German Pascual. One of my fav's :). I did listen to Theocracy and I do like them. I think they are one of those bands that I'll have to listen to for a bit to get used to them. But I really like their articulation and lyrics. Great musicians and a heart for God.

    Check out Golden Resurrection you might like em ;)

    Golden Resurrection - Proud to wear the Holy Cross

    Check out their other ones too :D

  10. I like Blues, JustPassingThru. I especially like Blues Rock.

    Jake, I remember listening to Golden Resurrection once before and I didn't really care for them. I think maybe it's the accent that turns me off. Or maybe it's just the vocal style. I can't really put my finger on what it is. It's like everything sounds good but there is just something that makes me not enjoy it as much as it seems like I should.

    Generally accents don't bother me, so I'm not sure if that's it.
  11. I hear you! The lead singer you hear for Golden Resurrection was the old singer for the band Narnia. He left to pursue Golden Resurrection. The new singer for Narnia is German Pascual is so much better and I prefer him anyday. Nevertheless both great bands!
    There are a few more that I listen to. Will post when I get some time!
  12. Please do. I'm actually starting to like power metal so you're posts have been helpful.
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  13. I wanted to share Come&Live if you guys haven't heard of them. It's a non profit record label that gives away it's music.

    Check them out and donate to keep them running.

    I leave you with this song, which is available on the Come&Live site.


    They have worship music as well. There are actually only a few bands on there that scream.
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  15. Some more music... Industrial this time. Sorry for the offensive sounds.

    Circle of Dust

    Argyle Park

  16. My wife is a pretty big into the band St. Lucia. They're pretty good. I'll share my favorite of theirs.

  17. I can tell you that there's a lot of Christian rock out there that would make me WANT to commit suicide. :)
  18. Because most of it is terrible generic crap or because you don't like rock? :)
  19. I love rock. You hit the nail on the head, because it's so insipid and boring and horrible. The Christian message might be OK but they hang it on music that is so completely unengaging. Sort of like when people get political with music, the politics comes first and the music always suffers. Except for a few exceptions.

    I really like the videos you posted.

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