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  1. I got bored and ran out of post. :)

    Ok, so I might have jumped on the soap box for nothing. I don't live my life with just Miracle after Miracle going on around me. I have laid hands on the sick and had just amazing results with reports. I feel that if I ever got My own church then there would be mandatory Medical records with personal information crossed out to at least verify. Benny Hinn promised to do this years ago, and I am still waiting on the Brother to follow through with that.

    As believers we lay hands on the sick so that they recover. That is Jesus instructions. (Recover or rise up Does not always mean instant inf act it can mean months of recovery) There are of course lots of other scriptures to consider as Jesus only did what the father said do and saw his Father do. This is something the Word of Faith Camp needs to pay attention to because Jesus was not a free agent and He said we can be like him but not greater than the Master.

    Since I have gotten this understanding I always ask the Lord when I see the sick, otherwise I am just doing my own thing and it don't work so well.

    Anyway........... There is a real, and I have seen God do some amazing things. One reason Paul said not to despise Prophecy because I guess everyone had a Prophecy for everyone and it gets old when most of them are not "Thus saith the Lord."

    I encourage all believers to be at least ready and in faith if asked by the Lord to respond. I have a confession sheet I use to use during prayer time that said, "I lay hands on the sick and they always recover. God has wisdom for the sick and always performs his Word on their behalf. I am not the healer, but am anointed by the Healer who always performs the Word with signs. Sickness is not of God but of the devil, and I will not tolerate any form of it, as My Lord did not tolerate it but healed all sick and oppressed of the devil. "

    I have learned the Best Miracle is no apparent Miracle. Miracles are designed to suddenly correct a bad situation before it's to late. I believe God would rather have us steady day by day, walking with Him and not have to be rescued every other day. I would rather use my faith to believe for the Church, or someone else helping pay their bills, than having to stand in faith for my own stuff.

    There is a real. Let's not let all the fake out there and exaggerated get in the way of that.

  2. You mention Benny Hinn, that lends me some insight.
    Hinn is one of the greatest frauds that has ever walked this Earth.
  3. I would feel lots better if Brother Hinn would follow through with the things he told the Media. As a believer, if we give our word to someone it should not be broken even to our own hurt. That is why my default answer to people is mostly "NO" unless the Spirit of the Lord prompts me to say yes.

    Miracles and fraud aside as it's hard to prove everyone was never healed at his meetings, knowing the Lord is good and does meet people where they are it. Not keeping your word is being known by your fruit which Brother Hinn needs to seriously consider.

    I know certain people are used in Healing, but I just don't understand the Holy Spirit being forced to perform healing by setting up healing meetings. I personally have never seen it work like that.

    I think it best to set up healing meetings and teach healing from the Word and then if that anointing comes move in it. Brother Hinn as far as I can tell never teaches anything about healing.

    Jesus always taught the people bringing faith before healing happened as the people need to know to receive.
    and Paul preaching the gospel perceived a man had faith from hearing to be healed and told him to rise and walk.

    I see no Word at Brother Hinns meetings and so I don't know how all that "Healing" can be taking place.

    If He would have online all the verifiable medical reports as he promised we could see what was going on. He never got around to keeping that promise.

  4. Wonder workers are indeed frauds and there are many but works of wonder are not all frauds and there are many. As you all know many of the evangelists on popular Christian TV are con men using the word for filthy lucre, but many are also good, sincere, loving men and women of God, trying to sow the word and by the Spirit doing the work. We mustn't throw the proverbial baby out with the bath water...
  5. I think Michael's point was that rather than attack those who say they've seen God do this or that, test it against the Word first and ask the Holy Spirit about it - He does know.
    No one claims to be a miracle worker, but rather a distributor of the Kingdom. Jesus said, "Didn't I heal ten?" He said HE did it, but then later says "I of Myself can do nothing", and that the Spirit of the Father in Him does the works. It is the same for anyone who believes.
    Did I raise that man from the dead? YES. But it was not me, but the Spirit of the Father Who dwells in me.

    And even more strongly: when Jesus sent out the 70, what did He say? He said "RAISE THE DEAD" - WHO was going to raise the dead? THEY were, the 70; He didn't say anything about let ME raise them, He said to them that THEY were to do it, and it would the Spirit of the Father through the anointing which they were partaking of that would do the work. Same with Mark 16 - Jesus said that all those who believe would do all 5 of those things. He didn't say HE would do it, He said all those who believe, and again, His Spirit in us would do the works. It takes faith in Him and His Word (and He's already supplied it - 1 John 5 and Gal 2:20 (by the faith OF the Son of God)).
  6. And Brother Paul - His Word IS His will. He's already said it. It's our job to believe Him for it. Healing has already been done and it's for all, every time. Prosperity - the same, Tongues, the same, casting out demons, the same, supernatural protection, the same, etc.
  7. A word of caution. It is true that God's people still are used to do miracles, but miracles can also come by those who do evil which is why Jesus said in Matthew 7:21-23, "Not everyone who says to me, ‘Lord, Lord,’ will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. 22Many will say to me on that day, ‘Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?’ 23Then I will tell them plainly, ‘I never knew you. Away from me, you evildoers!’" A miracle by God is for a specific purpose and done by God's power which is love.

    I do not know what your situation in raising the dead person was. I do want you to know that many false Christs and false prophets will arise as stated in the bible. "And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them" (Luke 21:8).

    My warning is that even now there are many false Christs spiritually as well. There are those in the church who are being influenced by spirits that imitate Christ or the Holy Spirit sounding enough like God that it confuses believers, but upon examination they don't match up with the truth. This is part of the great deception.

    Truly miracles are nothing (I am not saying that we shouldn't be thankful for them, we should). However, God's will is everything. If we are given to God's will then when and if needed we will do miracles. If we are fascinated by the miracles however rather than God's will there is room for deception to occur, the miracle seeming to prove God's authority can make way for false doctrine to be accepted. Remember God's love is the greatest miracle and our goal is to attain walking perfectly in that. God's power is love and God's miracles are acts of love.
  8. Well I've never professed to be Christ, nor would insane. I did once meet a fellow that claimed to be Jesus Himself. After proving Him wrong by the Scriptures several times over in public, I asked if I could pray for him (because of his obvious lunacy and deception), and he consented. About a month later I saw him again, and he came up running, saying God had healed his heart when I laid hands on him - I didn't even ask for God to do that, but he said he had had a serious heart condition before and now it was gone. Glory to God.
    How did that healing happen? It was HIS faith that made a demand on what Jesus has completed: all healing for all people for all time of all things.
    Just like Jesus said because of your faith it will happen, or be it so unto you according to your faith...etc. When Jesus was walking through the press, the woman DREW the healing OUT of Jesus - He didn't even pray or release His faith or hear a word from the Father or anything. The woman did it, because of her saying in faith and she released her faith in touching Him.

    So you can see by the Scriptures, miracles do not automatically occur as if triggered by a "need" - they are granted because of God's grace (favor) and it is according to YOUR faith. If your faith brings it forth from God, it comes forth. God does not perform because of NEED, if He did, ALL MANKIND WOULD HAVE HEAVEN on the Earth. But we know that is not the case, because of all the needs we see among all mankind.
    Rather, God performs according to His Word what He has promised in His Word (even in Exodus He said I am the Lord WHO HEALS YOU, before the Law was ever given and all they had was Abraham's covenant), and it is conditional upon your faith. Faith is a want, and it is an act, it is not a need, as we've just established above.

    Look at Mark 11:22-24. I don't see anything about what God wants in there, or needs. All I see is Jesus saying what THINGS SO EVER YOOOOOOUUUUUU DESIRE (not what God desires, what YOU desire; and it's THINGS SO EVER, meaning anything). Jesus also said whatsoever you say, you shall have...don't see anything about need in there either.
    God responding to needs in some mysterious formula that only God knows is a self-deception that if the Devil can get you sold on that, you will never see God anything in your life (or not much) and you will never do anything in anyone else's life.

    Rather than be concerned with worrying about whether or not people are false Christs or evildoers that abuse the name of Jesus (like the sons of Sceva) focus instead on what was petitioned of the Lord in Acts 4 by the Believers and seek that for yourself and your neighborhood and city and state and country - God is no respecter of persons He says, so if He used Peter to do all those things, He will use you.
    Notice that even among the original disciples only Peter, James and John got to see Jesus a bunch of extra things because they really believed Jesus could do it, and would do it. It's the same with Believers today. They just focused on Jesus - it's like identifying counterfeit money - all you do is study the real thing, and never worry about the fakes, and then when a fake comes, you know the real thing by heart, so you are not fooled and identify it immediately.

    Real believing is in your heart and in your mouth; Joshua 1:8, Romans 10. Also consider where Jesus said ANYONE who believes in Him would DO the same works He did and greater - is He lying or can you walk on water, raise the dead, heal the sick, multiply bread and fishes with the Blessing, etc?
  9. Right! So you never get sick! Amazing...
  10. I do not in any way want you to think that I don't believe in miracles. I have experience with miracles as well. Also, I was not saying in anyway that you were a false Christ. What I was saying is that there are many performing miracles at this time and as a result they get respect which allows false doctrine to be spread. My point was supposed to be a general warning to people who are being deceived since many will read this post, because a fascination with miracles rather than with God is what lets people be deceived. You may realize the counterfeit, but many don't and need to be taught that it exists.
  11. I want to add that you are right to correct me on my want statement. This isn't even what I believe, I shouldn't have written so cautiously or from fear for other believers. I know I can have what I want. In fact, God continuously tells me that everything I want I can have and expects me to have faith for it to manifest. Yet, he has also shown me how spirits pose as false Christs and deceivers, yet I should have kept that to myself since my purpose from God is not to be negative at all. Your chastisement was correct since I shouldn't have expounded fear. I apologize for the negativity and God has corrected me.
  12. The Lord lead you into proving His good, acceptable and perfect will (Canaan conditions). :)
  13. Actually, yes, bless and praise God. His Word works. Anyone can build the faith for constant divine health. If you don't have it, ask to be built up into it. The Lord will answer and lead you into it. It's yours by birthright.
  14. Have you received it yet Rodain?
  15. There's a lot of stuff covered here, brother; which are you asking if I have received yet?
  16. all healing for all people for all time of all things?
  17. I have received my portion of all healing for all things for all time.
    Does that mean the Devil doesn't try to put pains, aches, sicknesses or whatever on me from time to time? Of course he may try, but I don't accept it, I never confess what I see or feel, only what God's Word says I have by the authority of His blood covenant with me.
    I refuse all that junk just the same way I would refuse the Devil serving me up a giant steaming platter of diarrhea. I would never touch that and I would command him to get it out of my face this instant.
    It is a vulgar illustration, but truly that is how you must see any symptom of anything that you will not see in Heaven, anywhere in your life. Just outright reject it. You are not pretending that there is not a real pain or a real symptom, you are just refusing it's right to exist in your body and you are superceding the facts with the TRUTH. Do you feel miserable? Perhaps. Did Jesus already bear away that pain or sickness in His own body (Matthew 8:16-17, Isaiah 53:4-5, 1 Peter 2:24) FOR YOU? YES. So I choose to receive His finished work, and His finished work of healing always trumps and defeats anything the Devil tries to cook up for you to accept.
  18. It's the same with getting rid of sin, poverty, defeat, mental oppression, etc - Jesus already took it all at the cross; everything He took was something you and I were never meant to carry or have. So that we could be rich, He became poor, so that we could be healed and enjoy divine health, He became sick and diseased, so that we could be His righteousness forever, He became sin, and so on.
  19. Look at Adam, then Noah, then Abraham.

    Not to make this long, I'll mention Adam. God said be blessed and multiply. The blessing of the Lord was on Adam, who had no worries of sickness, poverty, and bad things happening to him.

    That was God's original plan, to make man in his image and level to fellowship with and bless.

    The tree of knowledge of calamity (Good and evil but Hebrew for the knowledge of bad things) and Adams disobedience to God gave Satan control over everything God handed to Adam. The earth was given to men and Adam gave Satan the lease.

    Whoever you serve becomes your overlord. The blessing was twisted and the curse came. Sickness, ground hard to work with, the list goes on.

    Jesus came to destroy the works of the devil. Jesus came to give back to men who will accept him what Adam gave up. Unfortunately this only effects those of us that have Jesus. The curse will stay until death is defeated once and for all.

    Unlike Adam who did not have to have faith, because faith in God is to counter something not of God (sin, sickness, whatever), we have to have faith. (Fight the good fight of faith) We have a cursed earth, the World and lots of devils to oppose. Adam did not have to deal with any of that.

    Rom 5:17 For if by one man's offence death reigned by one; much more they which receive abundance of grace and of the gift of righteousness shall reign in life by one, Jesus Christ.)

    What Jesus did is far greater than what Adam messed up. How much More!!! We are blessed with faithful Abraham whom heard the gospel long before Jesus came by a form of it.

    Gal 3:8 And the scripture, foreseeing that God would justify the heathen through faith, preached before the gospel unto Abraham, saying, In thee shall all nations be blessed.

    Not to make this pages long...... Study the blessing and see where Satan always showed up. Satan shows up to steal the blessing.

    He did that to Adam (Eve being confused) Did that to Job to take his blessing, did that to Jesus to tempt him to give up his rightful place and blessing.

    Killing, stealing and destroying are to take the blessing from us, Jesus came that we might have life and have it abundantly. What Jesus did to give back to us what Adam gave up is greater, but now it's through faith like faithful Abraham who did not walk by sight or consider his own body, but believed God was more than able to keep what He had said.


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