Mt. Siani

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  1. Mt. Siani

    Hey Everyone!! What do you guys think about the Mt. Siani discovery at Jabel Al Lawz?? I watched somthing on it and it looked pretty legit, then I thought it was fake, but now I have seen evidence again that has pointed out that this is problably the Holy Mountain. It is the only one that could make sense after reading the exodus. It also fitst the description like in the Bible. The Saudi Government is very bias when it comes to Jewish Archiology. So is the Egyptian government. I think its because they are Muslim.

    Anyway, What do you guys think??:)
  2. The evidence appears to back it up~
  3. Yeah, now that I have taken a second look at it it does look like it backs it up . But I was skeptical because The same guy who found this is the guy who said he found Noahs ark. But its not Noahs Ark, It dosent fit the dimensions and it is in the wrong place. It is on Mt arrarat not in the Mountains of Arrarat. The Mountains of Arrarat are a Mountain range in Iran, they are known today as the Armanian Mountains. anywho, You just dont know what you will get these days . Some people just get to excited when they see somthing they want to find. a better Noahs ark canidate is the BASE institute. just google B.A.S.E. institute. They think they might have found Noahs Ark.
  4. There seem to be quite a few people in agreement~
  5. anagram jezebel l laws.satan has hidden it and called Gods place a ugly name.
  6. Mt. Sinai

    I have seen two different studies and the evidence to me is more than enough to convince me that it is the real site of the giving of the law.
    Don Costello
  7. I believe that it is the real mt. Sinai
  8. I think I may have seen the show you are refrring to, but I'm not certain. I was wondering does this line up with what you posted? Or does this seem far fetched?

    The True Location of the Red Sea Crossing

    Exodus 13:17-22, "And it came to pass, when Pharaoh had let the people go that God didn't lead them by the land of the Philistines, although it was the more direct route to Canaan; for He said, 'In case the people become discouraged when they have to fight, and they return to Egypt'. So He led the them by way of the wilderness of the Red Sea: and the children of Israel went out of the land of Egypt in ranks.
  9. Yeah, I posted a video about this not too long ago, not sure how many watched it, but I know a few of the members here have. I'm convinced that is the real Mt. Siani.
  10. Dave could you repost the link for those who did not see it?:D
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  12. What? :blink:
  13. like paul said do we do wrong to show how good God is,certainly not.we do good not evil.

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