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  1. MRSA/Superbug

    Superbug: The MRSA Infection

    It wasn't that long ago that if your child got a staph infection, it was knocked out with a couple of doses of penicillin. Now, penicillin may not work because there's a form of staph called MRSA that has mutated and become resistant to most antibiotics. Correspondent Lesley Stahl traveled to a Pennsylvania high school where 13 members of the football team were infected.

    Very interesting~
    This infection can spread to major organs in the body~

  2. Sad. To many people start a dose of anti-biotics and quit when they feel better not finishing the dose. The surviving bacteria that have been exposed to the drug build up an immunity. It is kind of like getting a vaccination for them.
  3. It is much eaiser to get sick from eating nowadays. Did you ever hear fo someone dying from eating a hot dog ten years ago? When the industry started adding chicken and turkey to the hot fdogs, bolognas and etc they introduced entirely new types of virulent bacteria into those profucts.
  4. It's all about cheap fill-ins. Apparently companies don't think they're already rich enough so they have to find ways to make the product go farther.

    That's the Capitalistic society we live in. The only thing people care about is money and how to make more of it. As minimum wage increases, so does the cost of rent, groceries, gasoline, etc. It costs 2 dollars for a dozen eggs and 5 dollars for a gallon of milk these days.

    Nickel and diming poor folks to death while they line their pockets with more and more money. :rolleyes:
  5. You are right~
    Wasn't it the same with raw eggs? We always ate the cake batter left in the bowl and drank egg nog and then one day we are told not to eat raw eggs or you can die-

  6. Violet .... Having worked as a nurse for 45 yrs... We have had MRSA and VRE around for years and have had people in isolation but it is only the last few years that it is becoming a problem and it is a lot to do with hospital cut backs ... improper cleaning that has spread these virus. We all have these traits in our systems but it is when we become sick that our bodies cannot fight off these gens because of weakened systems.

    The problem is becoming widespread because of the misuse of antibiotics by doctors over the years. Doctors gave antibiotics out like candy and were not discresionary in their dispensing.
    Now as a result we have developed these so called super bugs and they can't find any anti biotics to treat them.

    And yes these infections do travel to major organs but I think in these healthy young people their bodies can over come and fight the infections. It is the cancer pt or the elderly whose systems are very weak that cannot fight this infection.

    That is why it is sooooo important to HAND WASH and as that is so important. And I can't emphasize that enough.

    The curious part of this MRSA is that it has never been outside of hospital before so how did these young boys contract it ?

    There again sometimes the media wants to scare people and blow things out of proportion.
  7. When I was young, I remember getting a staph infection on the palm of my wouldn't go away no matter what Mom did. She took me to the doctor, and he smeared some Bacitracin on it and it was practically gone the next day.

    Those were the days.

    NOW...I used to save money by buying those chicken pot pies and quick little pizzas for about a buck a piece. They made fast meals for those times when you have to sprint.

    Some people started buying the same things and not cooking them. :rolleyes: Now they're gone from the shelves.

    What?! You mean you're supposed to cook those things!?:D
  8. iv,e gotta tip ,never get sick,and if you do don,t go the hospital.ialways feel better after waiting 6 hours or so,and go home.

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