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  1. I'm not doing this anytime soon ...its just a suggestion I threw out to my friends...and they also have their own plans..but like if it happens..or if I met new people.

    I just dont want to be alone especially,live alone..ive always lived with a minimum of 6 people and to be on my own would rock my world.. Itd be scary..

    But I feel being alone will help me..idk get to know myself better and be more independent...but the thing is..

    I just dont want to be in a room by myself....
    I need to have people around me so I dont wig out...if u get what I'm saying...

    Idk I just..idk.. I just wish I made friends easily..i just matter how hard I try...i just don't..i just dont wanna be alone forever..u know?..

    Advice please.
  2. He is with you now and forever are never all alone....but to engage in fellowship, school, job, etc., is also not being alone. I guess what I am saying is that being alone can bring us close to God and at peace with ourselves and is not the same thing as being lonely. I have learned to enjoy some alone time but am never lonely, but I have not known the experience of some elderly or handicapped people who never have anyone so I cannot say what that my be like. Ever-aloneness IMO is the experience of those in the after life who chose to reject God and all He would have for us (fellowship, relationship, touch, the meeting of needs, etc.) because these want nothing to do with this God they assume the position of lord of their own life (to be like a god unto themselves) and there they will know what that is like because all the self lords there will each be lord of a kingdom of one (no other is goimg t bow to them or give them their own way)....

    What do you do with your spare time? Maybe you can find a church with small groups you could join or enter into a visiting ministry where you go be company for other alone people.....
  3. I think the elderly or handicap without a support system are pretty lonely people...i just feel alone BC I don't have miraculous experiences with god like most people without friends or some type of reciprocation on God's cant help but feel lonely..i am human..

    Anyway, we only have one car( parents and I) and they use it mainly for I cant go anyway ( also,no buses run by my way) but id definitely volunteer...iyd help with this feelings of loneliness I'm experiencing.
  4. The only advice I have is to serve God and keep walking forward. Find a church body, help them out any time you can, find widows, people who can't help themselves, etc... and help them. Pursue God, spend hours in his word, fall on your face in worship to Him and love Him. We can either look at what we don't have and make excuses not to serve, or put on our armor and find ways to serve.

    After that, it won't really matter to you where you live because you'll be so focused on Christ
  5. Great advise given already. Remember when you put others before yourself, you are most satisfied and happiest. Try that and see how you feel. Maybe just an hour of volunteer work, somewhere that you are comfortable. Then its not just about being friendly, its also about being helpful.
  6. First off don't think you're alone in your fear or what you want. I've been married since the 1970s. Wife, kids, grandkids and suddenly I'm afraid of facing being alone sometime soon. Yes, God will be with me but the thought of an empty house terrifies me. I helped my dad thru the same thing in 85 but I don't think my kids will be there for me like I was there for him. The one thing I have learned is that prayer is the only door away from fear. God will provide an answer, the best answer for you. It might be someone to share a place with our maybe just the courage and peace to be by yourself. He will never forsake you, never leave you really alone. You are in my prayers.

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