Movies to warn people not to watch!

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  1. Movies to warn people not to watch!

    This thread is to post names of movies that you saw that you that are not good and why people should not watch them. I am sure this has happened to some of you that you watched a movie and at one point it turns blasphemous or evil. If not thats great :). Here are some movies I saw that I do not recommend.

    ( If you dont want to listen to me and spoil this movie dont read even though you should not watch it)
    The Mist - Throughout the whole movie it is pain, suffering and more pain. Then towards the end some of the main characters make it out and are driving through the fog and you hear music playing. At this point of the movie you feel really crappy. Well at first I thought it was some other language from the middle east. Then I realized it was not when I thought it over and over. The first thing it says is " Jesus Loves you." over 30 or 40 seconds. Well after I heard that I thought it was going to get better so I did not try to make out the other words song. Well I was wrong. Things are already really bad so far and they get 10,000 times worse. When they are driving they run out of gas. Well the main character has a gun with 4 bullets, but there are 5 of them. you see where this is going so I am not going to say anymore. So do not watch it.

    Devils Advocate - I watched this when I was 12 and this movie implies that there is no god or that god does not care and that theres only satan. So dont watch it.

    There are two that I can think of. If you know any post them.
  2. The Devil's Advocate - yeah, I would agree. It makes the devil seem full of life and a great giver of pleasure. It's misleading, because the devil doesn't give a hoot about anybody else but himself.

    In the movie, it shows one scene where the devil walks into a church and sticks his finger into the holy water and it boils. He looks up at the ceiling as if taunting and saying, "What are You going to do about it, hmmm?"

    The devil is about instant, brief pleasure in exchange for eternal suffering. He doesn't care about your pleasure. He doesn't care about your life. Those who follow him like to think that they're his children...that he's going to take care of them. Pfft! The devil doesn't know love. He's infinite anger towards all of God's creations. He knows no loyalty of family and devotion. It just hurts him to give anybody even temporary pleasure, but he does it because he knows how easily some people can be tricked. He's doing it for his own benefit - to see great suffering beyond belief.

    Interview with the Vampire / Queen of the Damned / etc - Seems like these movies are saying: It's cool to be the living dead, you get to party all night and nothing anybody ever does to you is going to hurt you. There's some people I know that want to be vampires now (because of these movies) that they dress "like a vampire" and wear goth make up. Honestly? It doesn't make them look cool, it makes them look insecure. Bad is bad. Darkness is darkness. I watched these movies, but it didn't move me to feel sympathy for the vampires. It moved me to be proud that I've chosen to follow Jesus in my life, and to declare Him as my Saviour.

    Draverd - I think this is a great subject! I love movies! Thanks!:)
  3. Should we really be warning people not to watch certain things?
    Or is this just a - here's what the film is about, decide for yourself, kinda thing??
    Surely people can discern for themselves just from the write up of a movie. That's how I choose what to watch anyway [​IMG]
    I'm not trying to be contentious. Just asking!!

    I shall now leave!!! [​IMG]
  4. Emsy - good point!:D

    Sometimes I'll go to the movies with my friend and wind up watching something that I usually don't want to see.

    Highlander was one of them. I wanted to watch People Under the Stairs.

    Oooh! And then I wanted to see a good scary movie once; wound up watching Shrek the Third. Still, I had a good time.:)
  5. I would not watch or recommend anything anti-christian out of principle, no other reason, nothing is going to threaten my faith in any way. I dont have time for things like devils advocate or the da vinci code etc. im more into zombie movies anyway :p

    Queen of the Damned i agree on because it was a terrible sequel and the charachters were really lame imo.

    Interview with the vampire was a great film though. very well directed, acted and it was an interesting and well played out story, in the books (which i have not read, my wife has read them all and told me in great detail about them :rolleyes:) the vampires have some very interesting opinions about God, they know he exists and they know they are cursed and will never have salvation from him ever.

    All that they are (immortal pretty much) and all the powers they have are worthless to them because they are so eternally cursed, its very interesting but doesnt really come across in the movies of course.

    vampires may be cool looking, but they are just daft really, no match for Divinefire-VX and a sharp bit of wood ;)Interestingly, the writer of those vampire books has recently written books about Jesus Christ, they are (i think) fictional, but have had some very good reviews. Not my thing though i must say! Give me the facts and give them to me from Jesus himself! Amen.
  6. Yeah.

    I tried to read the Vampire books when I was out in the world. Couldn't really get into them. They seemed to romanticize the evil, and I just didn't feel it.

    When I heard that one of the books had a vampire present at the crucifixion and the horrible thing that he did there, I was angry! I could only pray for Rice's soul for ever dreaming up that nonsense. God has blessed her with the talent of story, and she uses it for bad.

    When I'm at Good Will (my favorite book store) and I see Rice novels in the religious section, I move them!:mad: How dare she!?

    I'm glad the "disproving-God" books are finally going out of popularity, though. For a while it was getting ridiculous! I'd go to a bookstore and see stacks and stacks of Davinci imitation crab-meat and think to myself: yeeeeesh!

    People are so hungry for the truth that they'll accept a false truth to devour. It's really sad.:(
  7. Yeah her vampire books dont appeal to me as such but my wife was a huge fan of anne rice when we met and has collected the books since her teens. i know where your coming from about romanticizing evil and i dont agree with that, i did find some of the other stuff my wife told me about interesting though as i said.

    putting her stuff anywhere near the religious section is a joke!! i dont know what those books about Jesus entail, all ive heard is they had good reviews but Good on you for moving them! they are fiction not fact although people seem to like to try and to blur those lines when it comes to christianity i think!

    for me its seeing stuff like the dawkins dellusion ;) etc that really gets me angry, angry because of all those lost souls who would buy into his stuff and never question or research it because it tells them things they want to hear, lots of other books like his i know but that one annoys me the most, the others are just jumping on his bandwagon, as you said though great to see them becoming less popular! i always hide them behind boring books about cooking etc. that im sure no one ever looks at :p
  8. Hi Beloved movie goer...I have excellent disernment about which movies to see and not... However, many people don't and do need advice...:D

    BTW, I recommend Bella, and August Rush...:D
  9. One's pleasure is another's poison.
    What is good or benign for one might be seriously dangerous to others.

    Personaly I don't draw an arbitrary line such as "Christian or anti Christian movie.
    In some ways I had more issues with "The Passion Of The Christ" than "The Da Vinci Code". I don't care to see "The Chronicles of Narnia" the preveiws turned that one off for me. And I've seen basicly non christian drama far more accurate and relevant to faith and life than many Christian offerings.

    I welcome thoughts and opinions on movies. Both good and bad.

  10. Sweeney Todd. Uck. Don't see it. My friend convinced me to watch it with her and I had no idea what it was about. I cringed throughout the whole movie. Terrible and evil.

    I read the Bible after that movie. lol.
  11. reply

    There will be blood - All that I am going to say is that this movie is Worse!!!! than the mist...
  12. I have to say United Flight 93 really touched me. Those dear, brave people gave their lives selflessly so others could live.
    And such a heartwarming thought in these days of selfishness and greed. But I don't know if I am right or not by liking this movie according to the standards here. If I am not supposed to have it or watch it, I'll understand. It just touched me because my cousin's boyfriend died in the South Tower collapse.
    God bless,
  13. I watched Alien Vs Predator 2 last night, was cool, could of been better but hopefully the dvd will be some kind of extended cut.

    I was thinking man those Aliens look so freaked out and bloody nasty that those movies could make a good tool to witness people... you show em those Aliens and tell them there are far worse creatures in Hell :D

    and "in one cares if you scream"

  14. Is this movie appropiate for an 11 year old?
  15. I definately would not recommend it for an 11 year old.

    shooting, swearing and no shortage of blood and gore, and the creature effects i imagine would be pretty scary for the younger viewer.
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    I just recalled a movie a few minutes ago a movie that I think is crap. The Movie is Seven.
  17. I had nightmares after watching Seven :(
  18. I love a good, scary movie from time to time...

    CAPTIVITY - stay away from it! I was expecting a psychological thriller; something new and bright.

    What I got was a self-indulging feast of cruelties that all lead to nowhere. This film has gross scenes - you know the kind that mean - the kind that are just gross to be gross, they have no meaning other than to make people sick. That's not fun. It's not interesting to watch. It's just stale.

    This movie has murder, physical and emotional and mental cruelty to others, incest, homosexuality between brothers, swear words for no reason, premarital sex, etc.

    It's almost as if the producers had no story at all...they just wanted to see how many bad things they could cram into an hour and a half. There's no morals, no lessons to be learned (other than I should have rented Under Dog).

    See? If I would have read something like the above before I rented this movie, I never would have rented it to begin with at all. Hah!:D

    Thank you, please pull forward...

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