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  1. The first one, is probably from that strange-creation, of which I had to watch like 5 minutes at a time, on like 3 occassions, just to stare at the 15 minutes of it I saw, in pure disbelief on how strange it was -----but My guess is "Hog Father" !!!!!!!!!!!!! ---not that I have seen enough of it to know?????????????
  2. Here's a new one: "Fools are not born, pretty girls make them in their spare time."
  3. LOL! Some indeed do!
  4. Debbie: "I'll get you!!! And your little hand, too!!!":mad:


    [one of the Addam's Family movies]
  5. Girlfriend: "...Arthur, take my hand."

    Arthur: "That would leave you with one!"


    Arthur: "Would you do me the honor of being my bride?"

    Girlfriend: "Yes, Arthur!"

    Arthur [reaches across and shakes her hand]: "Congratulations!"

    [Arthur cracks up in bed]

    Woman: What's so funny?

    Arthur: Oh, nothing! Sometimes I just think funny things!
  6. Scuttle : The sea witch! Oh, no! She's gonna... I gotta... Ariel! Ariel! I was flying... of course I was flying! I... I saw... the... the watch... the witch was... watching the mirror, and she was singing with a stolen set of pipes. Do you hear what I'm telling you! The prince is marrying the sea witch... in disguise!
  7. Their car's broke down at a rest stop...

    Chi-Chi: [fixing her mini skirt] "If someone gave me back my princess points, I might do the hitchhiking thing and get us out of here."

    Noxema: "How you gonna do that when there aren't any cars, stupid!?"

    Chi-Chi: "Well you don't know me very well, do you Creepela? I'm the latina Marilyn Monroe! I got more legs than a bucket of chicken!"

  8. Gomez: I want to see my brother!

    Debbie: He doesn't want to see you...or that thing...anymore!

    Gomez: I'll hear that from his own lips!

    Debbie: His lips are busy!
  9. "Shikaka!":p

    "You could put somebody's eye out with that thing!" :)

    "Guano cups...collect the whole set!"
  10. reply

    Mutsumi:"You have a cute face. Are you in middle school?"
    Keitaro:" I’M 20 YEARS OLD!" (Love Hina)

    "And what's the real leasson? Don't leave things in the fridge." ~Spike Spiegel (Cowboy Bebop)

  11. *not really a quote, but I can't help it*

    [Frank Drebin trying to get a cart at the grocery store...yanking and pulling and all the carts are swaying back and forth, locked together :p]

    [Frank trying to open the produce celophane bag, licking his fingers and all, eventually giving up and tying the bag around his cucumber.:p]

    "Do you realize that because of you this city is being overrun by baboons?"

    Frank: "Isn't...that the fault of the voters?":eek:

    [Frank squeeeeeezing a lemon-half onto his huge lobster with his buttery hands...pop! The lemon shoots out of his fist and lands in the lady's hat across from him. Frank trying to dig the meat out of the lobster with his fork...each crank of his fork moves the lobster claw.:eek:]
  12. Leslie Nielson is a funny funny actor.
    Remember the Airplane movies?

    "Surely you can't be serious"
    "I am serious and don't call me Shirley"
  13. You ever see "Spies Like Us"? My best friend and I actually wore out the VCR tape.

    I love it when they are taking the test.
    Chevy Chase walks in with the eye patch and arm in sling "I'm sorry I'm late. I had to attend the reading of a will. Had to stay till the very end and found out that I received nothing. Broke my arm."

    Then he walks up to the teacher "Will you hold my wallet during the test? There's $1000 dollars in there..or maybe there isn't know what I mean?"

    We tried that in high school. Didn't work out so well.:D:D:D
  14. I never did see that movie. So there's two I have to rent now - Spies Like Us and that holy grail one.


    Thanks for the tip - I'm always on the look out for a good chuckle. :)
  15. Spies Like Us is an excellent movie but it was released back in the 80's so you may have to search for it.
  16. Thanks, da_man...I'll be on the lookout for it.;)

    Now for a creepy one...

    [Mason Virger is hideously deformed, blaming Dr. Hannibal Lecter for his disfigurement...he's speaking to Clarice from the quiet-dark comfort of his bed during an interview...]

    Mason: [to Clarice]...isn't it strange?

    Clarice: What's that?

    Mason: ...well, you could look at my face without even flinching; but you shyed away when said the name of "God."
  17. ...not really a movie, but I saw it last night on the Simpsons. I bust out laughing.

    Bart: "But he said you were with God!"

    Maude Flanders: "I was. I was at bible-camp...learning how to be more judgemental."

    It's strange how today's culture views Christians, isn't it? :eek:
  18. Another movie to watch is Rhustler's Rhapsody. Oh my goodness. That's another movie we wore the tape out on. My boy's like it also. It is a spoof on western movies. May very well be the funniest show I have ever seen.
  19. Gimme a quote on it, da_man...sounds familiar, but I don't know for sure if I watched it or not.

    Strange thing with me: If I really like a movie? I can quote it. Every funny line I heard, anything that made me laugh. Even the serious, heart-pounding moments.

    If I didn't like it? I goes into the recycle bin in my noodle.

  20. OK WW here you go.

    Rexx (our hero) is getting ambushed by the cattle men one night at his camp. He comes back from digging a "root" and they are waiting for him and they start to form a circle around them.

    Rexx: You know you fellas are making a big mistake.
    Bad Guy: Yeah? How so?
    Rexx: The way you positioned yourselves around me. When the shooting starts you're liable to miss me and hit each other.

    They move back into a line in front of him.

    Bad Guy: You think you're real smart don't you mister?
    Rexx: When I see something that's obviously wrong I usually point it out.
    Bad Guy: Well I hope you're good in arithmetic too because you'll notice there's only 1 of you and 5 of us.
    Rexx: Just to make it semi-fair I'll only use one gun.
    Bad Guy: Oh we got a real smart aleck on our hands don't we boys.
    Long story short he shoots them all in the hands cause the good guys never really kill anybody.

    And it goes on and on. I can recite pretty much the whole show if you would like. Maybe I will post some of my other favorite parts.

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