Mountainview Falcons

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  1. This is a mural I did for my children's school years ago!


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  2. You did this!!? Wow! That's amazing! Great work!
  3. Thank you! Yeah, I used to have a small business painting murals, but I found that people didn't appreciate that they were actually buying art, and wanted to pay wallpaper prices.
  4. That is a pity.
    Where I live, there is hardly any graffiti, but we do have really nice murals - no one dares to deface. They are all on the theme of the place (sunny beaches, sailing, nature, birds, etc.). Though done by different artists, the theme is upon the approval by the town council. I have no idea what prices these mural paintings cost. It would be a shame if the artist got less than what a sign-painter would charge. And their charges are not cheap.
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