Moses father in law

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  1. Moses father in law

    Exodus gives three names for Moses' father in law.

    One is "the priest of Midian", one is "Reuel" and the other is "Jethro".

    From Strongs Dictionary:

    The way I understand it is that the names give a higher meaning to his relationship to the tribes of Israel ( priest from the tribes of Israel), his relationship to God (Freind of God) and His relationship to man (his excellence) as he was highly respected amongst men because of the first two names.

    Some explanations say that Reuel was the father of Jethro, but how could they both have the same title as the priest of Midian? In Numbers and Chronicles the bible states who the sons of Reuel where but never mentions Jethro?

  2. His Names.

    JETHRO in the Bible Encyclopedia - ISBE (Bible History Online)

  3. :cool: Interesting , thanks Kev. I love Bible names for people, towns , etc- they are rich and full of meaning.:D
  4. My husband and I name our children very carefully as their name will define who they are. Not only do we have to like the name, the meaning has to be significant to us.
  5. Has anybody here heard of the Jethro principle?

    It is a leadership style which is often taught in secular university.

    After the Israelites had fled Egypt, Moses was the sole judge over them and he was quite harsh and kept them waiting all day. Jethro came along and told Moses how to set up leaders over the people. He taught Moses how to deligate.

    I think it is quite cool that biblical leadership styles are taught in universties!


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