Mortal sin; is it real?

Discussion in 'Bible Study' started by Spencer80, Jun 10, 2008.

  1. Mortal sin; is it real?

    So first,

    Hi everybody! I’m new to the forums after just having a real in depth conversation with my friends at a beach... Anyway, just am looking for a way to clarify things I have questions about and to learn even more about God’s Grace among other things. I am a recently converted Christian (from agnostic, previous to that Christian), non denominational, for background purposes.

    So here’s the point of the whole thread.

    Is there such a thing called a mortal sin; is there a sin that sends you straight to hell?

    My friends were talking how no matter what you do, your sins will always be forgiven as long as you believe and love Jesus and God and believe that His Grace can help save you from this sin.

    Is this true in your opinion? Do you have any ideas concerning this?
  2. This is one thing that I really haven't been able to grasp... I always thought avoiding sin was the biggest part of being "Christian".

    But it's not really is it, because all your sins have already been forgiven.

    And tell me if this is right: accepting Jesus and the Holy Spirit in your heart to help you from sinning is the main part.
  3. Christianity is a restoration of fellowship between man and God though the substitutionary work of Jesus Christ on the cross. The Holy Spirit will lead and guide us into truth according to God's Word as we become yielded vessels.

  4. This brings up an interesting topic. :) One Sunday in the Bible study we were discussing the idea of "Why do you not sin?" You see.... some people do not sin in order to avoid the consequence. It is out of a fear. It's like not speeding because a fear of getting a ticket. And some people do not sin because of a desire to do right. Not speeding because it could harm self and others, and rules were established for good reason to protect us.

    The Holy Spirit is our guide. He can be like a stop sign if we listen to him.

    I'll type more later....but I have to run out the door....bbl......

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