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Moon to turn red on Aug. 28 in first total lunar eclipse since 2000

Discussion in 'News and Articles' started by freedom07, Aug 28, 2007.

  1. Moon to turn red on Aug. 28 in first total lunar eclipse since 2000

    This has nothing to do with what the Bible says about the moon turning to Blood Red. I just thought I would share it so if anyone was interested and were able to they could view it. I really don't think may areas will have access. Anyway, here is the link.
  2. I have only seen that effect one time but it makes you stop in your tracks!
  3. I watched it at 2:45AM. It was cool...but not worth getting out of my nice warm bed for. The total eclipse was longer than others I had seen before. The moon seemed to be moving across the horizon faster than that. It wasn't blood red as some reports predicted it was to be.
  4. Seen quite a few "red moons" over the years.....

    I would like to see a total solar eclipse though sometime....:D
  5. Couldn't hawl myself out of bed to see it at such a ridiculous hour:sleeping:sleeping:sleeping

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