Money The Root of All Evil Suppressed Documentaries

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  1. Money The Root of All Evil Suppressed Documentaries

    Money The Root of All Evil Suppressed Documentaries
    Our Pastor has the DVD of this whole thing. We just got done watching it.
    It is very interesting to say the least. Here is a link to watch it in parts.
    It’s a long one, but interesting and insightful.

    Money The Root of All Evil Suppressed Documentaries
  2. I have to say - the bible says the LOVE of money is the root of all evil - not just money itself.
  3. Theres nothing wrong with having money, and theres nothing wrong with being rich, its weather you control your money or your money controls you.
  4. Indeed money is a tool, greed is a problem. It is ok to have things until your things began to have you.
  5. I know it is the love of money that is the root of all evil.
    The video shows how peoples love for that money is what is controlling our economy, not the government.
    I also learned that the federal reserve is not owned and operated by the federal government, but by private individuals. They are the ones with the all the money and power.
    And the assassination of certain presidents and how it coincides with what the central banks were doing at the time is quite interesting.
  6. Scary.:(

    You know...if we all shared, like the bible says, then nobody would be rich. Nobody would be poor.:)
  7. sounds good to me,to share is the way.but in this life we are not when we live again the ways will be better.
  8. So far I am on part 5 and really enjoying the series. I have heard some of this before but not in this much detail. Thanks brother!
  9. Jesus didn't seem to need money
  10. But they did have a purse which was carried by Judas. They carried what they needed for provision and if they did not have it the Father supernaturally provided it as demonstrated by paying taxes with a coin from the fishes mouth.

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