money pressure

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  1. money pressure

    we are in the money pressure days,i hope God comes soon before i have to be a tramp,by not accepting muppet satan.:(
  2. Money problems can be very stressful but we get peace from God.
  3. money problems are just rubbish,money is not Gods way.the pressure is ,to take us away from God by money.we will suffer by truths and being stricken.the uk with free health care ,and council houses gave us all value and gifts from all a days just selfish money making aliens who don,t belong in any place.
  4. I used to count my money, make sure every last cent was accounted for, worried about when it would run out, fearful of not having any.

    I put my trust in God one day. Money is nothing, I said, I take back all power I ever gave it! Darnit! And I did.

    Money is there when I need it today. I trust that God will direct me as to what to use money for. And what not to use it for. It's not meant for my own personal pleasure...but for helping others. Once I stopped worrying about it, it stopped being a weight in my life. It was hard to do, yeah. But I meditated on what was important for me in God's eyes. He comes in at number One in my life.

    Money really, really, really is just paper. Man pumps it full of power and glorifies it. And for some men, money even takes the place of God. That's unfortunate. Because one day, money will go away.

    God lasts forever. I love Him!:D
  5. Money is not evil, but the love of it is.
    We all need it to live and to buy what we need.
    God isnt agisnt money, He wants to bless us, but we have to have money in it's proper place and honour God with it too.
  6. I look at every situation in the same manner.

    If I cannot directly affect the situation I don't worry about it.

    What does this mean to me? It means that unless I can control what's going on I will, If I have no control over it I don't worry about it because I know God is probably carrying me through the difficulty.

    You can plan for the future and you can prepare for it but there is no guarentee that it will play out the way you may think it will. The spirit of our Lord will move and we must follow him in which ever direction He chooses. Once we step off the path he's leading us down he will poke and prod us back to the correct path.

    Some of us are more stubborn and even though we know the path is destructive we still lose sight of Him. When dealing with money issues we must always trust in God first to provide for us and then be diligent and faithful to do what he directs us to do with that which he has given.
  7. Money is a tool, when used wisely it can help make life manageable. I try to trust God about and with my finanaces when things are ok with the same zeal I seem to have when I am feeling the heat. Either way God is great and He will make a way if we seek and serve Him.

    I tell my family this all the time- it is ok to have things until your things start to have you.
  8. Shout it, Jax!!!:D Testify!:)

    Good, true words.

    Amen, Bo, Amen.

    God feeds the birds, and they don't squirrel away and worry. God clothes the flowers in the field. If you belong to Him, He's going to take care of you. You don't need money to worship. You don't need to worship money. When you worship, money isn't a need.

    Tithe! Give, and don't let anybody know. Give, and keep it a secret to everybody but God. Don't tell your wife, your kids, your mom, your friends. Give only with joy in your heart, expecting absolutely nothing back in return. Don't count off percentages and give that way - I mean like keeping a calculator and receipts to declare on your taxes. Give, give, give! If anyone has material posessions and sees his brother in need but has no pity on him - how can the love of God be in him? (1 John 3:17).

    The world is messy with rewards, not all of them monetary, just free for the taking. If we all shared what we have, nobody would be in need for anything material.:D

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