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  1. momof4

    I have been on here for about a month but never formally introduced myself yet so here is my intro :)

    I am mother to 4 beautiful kids - 4, 6, 9, 11. Currently pursuing a degree in Nursing. Hobbies are gardening with heirloom herbs & veggies, canning as much as possible, crochet, coupon shopping though I don't do as much with that anymore.

    I love my kids & my family! Not a perfect person and when I think I am I find out I am not :) There is more about me on my profile, nice to meet you all!
  2. Well, a late introduction is better than no introduction--so welcome to the Christian Forum Site. :israel:
  3. Momof4 nice to meet you. Kitsap eh? Hheehehehehehehehahahaha me too
    Welcome to our CFS. I know you will like it here. :D Get ready for the rain that's commin.
    Well God bless you abundantly! sis
    Chili out.:cool:
  4. Another "belated" welcome to you!
  5. Hello momof4! I am a Dad of 3 kids - 14,10 and 9 and I have just completed my degree to be a primary school teacher (thats what we are called in Australia anyway). Good luck with everything and I am more than happy to have a chat! :)

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