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  1. My mom said this:

    If some thing came up missing and no one knew what happened to it my Mom said, "Someone must have needed it more than we did."

    I caught what she was trying to say but one time I had a personalized Bible come up missing I knew Mom's words had to be true if someone took or stole my Bible they must have needed more than I did. I just hoped they'd actually read that Bible if they found it or took it.

    :fish:::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish::fish:Aren't those fish so cute?

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  3. I think Mom said this one Or I said it so much I thought she said it

    Somewhere along the line I heard and began repeating that IF YOU STEAL YOU WILL GET STOLEN FROM.
  4. I heard that and said it before

    Isn't it funny to think of actually picking up your room? Why do we repeat things like that? Ah............ It's because we love the sweet words of Mommys that care. We repeat it not only because it's worth repeating but they will find out we don't actually want the whole room floor and all to be raised. We don't want everything picked up and put in the closet either. They will figure it out.
  5. I found out how to find my previous posts

    I found out how to find my previous posts.

    I haven't found out how to subscribe to threads yet.

    If anyone wants to send me a message telling me how to do that I'd appreciate it.​
  6. Here's one I just thought of...

    "If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times!!!":mad:

    hee heee!:D
  7. don,t be spoilt and share.:)
  8. Awww...was you spoilt, smelly?:D
  9. with love yes.
  10. Unfortunately, the things my mom said to me would not be encouraging or uplifting or funny! Thank God He did heal our relationship though...:)

  11. Yah Laura..... I get what you're saying mom was controlling but now I understand more as in those days it was very hard to raise two kids( Father died) as there were no pentions and welfare like there is now days and she had no education so she did the best she could by taking in boarders and trying to keep the house afloat.

    But she hide her affection and I can't remember her ever hugging me. But later I acepted that that was her way and loved her just where she was at.
  12. My mom was controlling, mean, strict, she spanked me, she'd yell at me, she hit me once. She was mentally abusive and very demanding.

    Dad was an alcoholic. I didn't see much of him.

    So every Mother's Day, I send my mom a card: Thanks for spanking showed me that if I didn't learn these lessons it would hurt much later on in life. You made me keep my room clean - and today I know how to keep my house clean. You once hit me...because I didn't want to do what you wanted me to do; and you taught me to honor you the hard way.

    I stay out of trouble today. I don't pack a gun around with me, and I respect everybody that I come into contact with. I have a high regard for authority - police and such. When someone older than me is talking, I make sure that I'm listening to each word instead of daydreaming about my turtle.

    Mom did that to me, and I'm truly thankful to her. I'm glad she did those things. I have no idea how she kept food in our mouths when there was no money or hope left. But she did it.

    Her words might have been mean, and her spankings might have hurt...but she was keeping me from becoming a bad person who didn't put any value to human life. She made me fear God, and she constantly pounded into my head that in this life we only get one mommy.

    I thank God for that.:)

    ...sorry for getting all emotional. But it's true. That's why you see me becoming angry with the youngsters in the forum who find it hard to treat their parents with kindness. :(
  13. That reminds my of my daughter, Ash~~
    she called and thanked me for being so strict when she was growing up and instilling morals and values in her life~

    I liked this!!!

    When someone older than me is talking, I make sure that I'm listening to each word instead of daydreaming about my turtle.
    Actually, older people are pretty interesting to listen to.....
    I love hearing their stories
  14. Uh-oh, Violet...another Mommyism?

    "In one ear and out the other"?

    "When I told you to _____________ , what was I doing, talking to myself?"

    "No, you can't have that! (in a store) If you can't listen to me, then I can't listen to you!"

    "The only time you can hear me is when I'm trying to whisper so you can't hear me!"

  15. I use this one ALOT!

    "Where there's a will there's a way...Mom has a strong will and she will get her way!"

    When asked about what's for dinner...(usually the ingredients are on the counter & it's obvious what's for dinner...)


    About their bedroom....

    "Do you guys actually have a floor under there?"

    the one I was informed that I say alot...about snacks.

    "don't make a meal out of that"
  16. ...LOL

    What do mommies do? Have secret meetings and agree on these things?

    My mom used to say those things, too!:D

    Love it!
  17. Another...

    If I ever figure out who "Not Me" is they've had it! :p
  18. I can't remember if this was said....

    "You'd better behave cause I've got eyes in the back of my head.":D
  19. "I can tell, because your horns are holding up your halo!":mad:

    That's one she used whenever we got into trouble for something that we just knew she didn't see.:D
  20. "If you keep picking on that, it's never gonna heal!"


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