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  2. This is so true! Not just Christians, the whole generation old look at things from our generation very differently.. For example, my daughter thinks every electronic gadget will be touchscreen! She is amazed that my work laptop does not respond to her gestures in screen :D
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  3. Yes! I am so scared everytime I take a picture of 18month old baby and the baby runs to me to see how the picture looks like in my camera.... !
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  4. I know; it's a scary prospect how much we rely on electronic devices.
  5. Very scary indeed; soon, pen & paper will be obsolete.
  6. I think this would be a good discussion! I sometimes feel that i have become an addict to electronic gadgets. Can I survive a week without electricity, phone, laptop, etc? Tough question! Probably I will survive if I have my Bible and good Christian books :) Finally I can get to read all of them!! LOL!
  7. Technology is gradually taking over our lives.
    Have you seen the films Terminator? I don't think we are far from this; its about time that we trust more in God and less in electronics.
  8. ohh yes! I used to watch lot of movies.. Not anymore.. Terminator used to be one of my favorite movies..
    I agree.. Technology is going in that direction only.. While technology itself is not evil, man trusting on technology more than God is certainly evil..
  9. Indeed; persons who develop these self-thinking electronics need to consider that these don't have faith; they will sin if they can think for themselves.
    Its a very scary concept.
  10. Yes, I even recall old billy boy Gates making a shocking statement on AI not to long ago. Wonder if any one saw it, but basically he is concerned about the direction AI is taking for this same reason.
    Go research what modern robotics is capable of, truly amazing stuff.
  11. Amazing and scary at the same time my friend. :)
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  12. When I first became a Christian (in the late 1960's), I had to go to the library (public, school, or at church) to be able to access multiple translations, concordances, commentaries, etc. Now I can carry all that and more in my pocket on my smartphone.

    I have found that doing research when I have to use a physical concordance or topical Bible or commentary to be quite different than doing it electronically with multiple links between sources and word search functions, not to mention electronic copy & past to make notes. It is great to be able to have so much so easily available, but sometimes I think that having to work to dig it out does develop perseverance and help cement it into the mind.
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  13. I agree completely; I love a physical Bible, the pages etc.
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