mixing old testament with new testament

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  1. mixing old testament with new testament

    Christ tells us not to do this.new wine new case.
  2. He wasn't referring to the old and new testaments, they didn't have the new testament in those days. Most likely He was talking of law and grace.
  3. nope they don,t mix.Christ says give all to the poor,old testament tells you how to make money.2 very diffrent examples.the old shows you to Christ.he is the way and the life.also there is a refrence to pretending to be jewish and there not.don,t mix your wine or you end like satan.
  4. Jesus lived, preached, taught and fulfilled the Old Testament Cannon. He did not exclude it's use but did give us a better covenant and a new way of viewing it.
  5. Another old saying:

    The Old is in the New revealed
    the New is in the Old concealed

    The Ethiopian Eunuch was converted by using Isaiah 53, and we must remember that the only Scriptures in the early Church were the Old Testament, followed by a Gospel (probably Mark) in the 50's, followed probably by Matthew in late 50's early 60's and then Luke 59-63 (All dates of course AD). John probably written late in the first century.

    The writing of Acts could be as early as 63 AD or even as late as the 70's.

    Paul's letters cover approximately 48/51 to 65 AD. So we can see that the Word of God was spread by word of mouth for some considerable time, and the only "God breathed" Scriptures were the Old Testament.

    God bless us all as we learn together.
  6. they didn,t need the old testament,they were 1st hand witnesses.and believe me the fire would have been in there hearts with knowing Christ is reserected.
  7. Without the Old Testament, the New has no foundation. The Old tells about creation, the original state of man, the creation and fall of satan, the entry of sin into the world (and thus the need for a Savior), God's desire to have a people for Himself and the character of God as revealed through the Law. The New Testament simply assumes all these, and builds upon them.

    Take away the Old Testament, and you have no explanation of how the world came to be (leaving people free to believe in evlolution), no explanation of satan (leaving people free to think he is "equal but opposite" to God), no explanation of sin (so maybe we're really all good people underneath) no explanation of why we need a Savior (to save us from what?) God did not need to re-iterate these things, because they were already revealed in the Old Testament, but if you take away the OT, many things in the NT don't make sense. That's why the NT writers frequently refer back to the OT to explain and support their teachings.


  8. then you call Christ a liar.he says only God is truely good.God never changes.if you call him good and bad that is a lie.
  9. I think I understand what you are saying. In one sense, the old is no longer needed because we have Jesus. But don't forget what Acts 17 says:

    11Now the Bereans were of more noble character than the Thessalonians, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true.

    The Bereans were searching the Old Testament which prophesied of the Christ to see if Paul's teaching was true or false. The Old Testament is not obsolete. It just serves a new purpose directly connected to the New testament. :)

    What the law could not do.... (Romans 8:3 )

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  11. Luke 4:1-13

    Christ used scripture (aka the Old Testament) to rebut Satan 3 times. What is good enough for Christ is good enough for me. We are called to be followers of him...both his words and his deeds.
  12. Amen and amen . If we did not have the old , we would not have prophesies fullfilled . because like revlynn said .... things were told in the old as a for runner for the New. .... Jesus quoted scripture from the Old.

    As I read the old and see what the people had to do for sacrifices and offerings and all the rules because of their sin , I can rejoice that I do not have to do that any more. And Jesus Christ came to abolish all of that and we can go directly to God through Jesus Christ . So for me the OT is also a reflection and a lot of promises ( such as the flood ) and wonderful miracles that God performed for the Israelites. ( Thinking about the parting of the Red Sea ) We could not do without the OT .
  13. Smelly, what are you talking about? The OT never calls God bad ... in fact His goodness is a theme that runs right through the Bible, both Old and New Testaments. On the whole, the OT places more emphasis on God's judgment, and the New Testament more on His grace, but His grace is also seen in the OT and His judgment in the New. And His judgment isn't bad, it is part of His holiness. Both judgment and grace are part of His character, and to remove either is to leave Him as less than the God of the Bible.

    God's dealing with mankind is a history (HIS story), running from the beginning of creation right through to the day when He will roll up the heavens like a scroll - it didn't just begin with the coming of Christ.



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