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  1. Why did Mitspa get banned????
  2. MitspA is banned?
  3. Time to revolt!
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  4. He doesn't know why either... It just said "you've been banned" I'm trying to find out for him. I hope that's ok? I think they are allowed to tell us. Maybe it was a mistake.
  5. I hope it was just a mistake.. He was quite nice with his posts :)
    And mods are nice here.. I am sure they will tell what happened.. And hopefully, restore his access as well.. But I don't know how to get mods attention :)
  6. Please let me know if and why?
  7. You can see in members what staff is on hand and PM them
  8. Yes...revolt...down with the Mitzpa Ban...
  9. he did "initiate" non-civility way too often ..
    I think most people come back under a new ISP ..
    perhaps the moderators will allow that IF he took the action as a warning ..
    perhaps not ..
  10. That is the consensus and reason.
  11. isn't that the opposite of what Paul told us ???
    this is a private owned forum and they OWN IT ..
    hence we are to be submissive to that authority as long as it does not go against God's word ..
  12. I am not going to argue about this.. It is Mod's call and as you say, I am not owning this site! And I am not even a supporter (financially).. But I liked his posts and we got along well.. Does not mean everyone did.. And I did not read every posts of his.. probably there are others who got along with him (like me) and others did not.. And Mods are best to make the decision..
  13. Wow ok. I completely disagree and think that it will be a huge loss. He speaks truth.
  14. I liked Mitspa, too. Is it possible to come back? Did he get a warning first?
  15. I will email him. I just started a Christian forum last night and still working on it if anyone wants to join it. Send me a message if you would like link. Or you can contact mitspa he has my email
  16. I don't think ravin was being serious when he said revolt. I could be wrong though.
  17. Thanks for saying that! My reply to ixoye was on a serious note.. But not the one about revolting!
  18. I was the first moderator on one of the first social websites ..
    moderators usually give people the chance to work out differences ..
    but if they continue in belittling others, then their presence does more harm then good ..
    and as a Christian .. "initiating" non-civility (sometimes turning the other cheek is anti reproof and correction) so IF a response "back" seems stern, it IS biblical in these cases ..
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  20. I think I accidentally pushed a few buttons with my phone in my pocket.
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