Missionary blessed me? Angel?

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  1. Hey guys so I had an amazing experience 5 days ago at work. A missionary was outside of our store doing what he does collecting money for the less fortunate and sick..etc. I went out and talk to him naturally because I love my bros and sisters in Christ. Had such a great conversation ... my 8 hour shift felt like minutes. Told him my deepest sinful addictions (porn/masturbating) and he explained to me how to overcome these things. He's been to many places in the world including the middle east and been threatened to have his head cut off and people constantly putting him down calling him a con artist or a fake ..etc

    This guy was so genuine and innocent. I didnt see him drink or eat once. So near the end of my shift I got him food and drinks and gave it to him. He was so shocked as if I had given him a 100k check . Also donated to him to help. I never carry cash but luckily that day I had found some money on the floor "coincidence?" He constantly told me "Your a blessed man sir..... God bless you and your family" When my shift was over I gave him a hug and aksed him for his social media info or phone number but he doesnt have any of that so I just said I hope to meet him again and parted ways. As I was walking away he said God will bless you and you're family.

    Ever since that day I have literally had no desire to watch pornography or masturbate. Its been 5 days. Normally I cant even go 2 full days without one or the other. Even now I have no desire at all. I'm also not looking at woman lustfully anymore. I've never had this happen before. I felt so good and happy talking with him that day. It was so refreshing .Was that an angel or something?
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  2. Can't speak for the man being an Angel, or against it. Your blatant honesty and boldness in speech against your own sin is telling. That you are able, by God's will, to understand that one must part with sin in the mind in order to ever hope not to do the act also speaks for your direction. Your words are welcome, and instill hope.

    Peace be upon you. Might all come into the light of GOD through Christ.

    Sincerely with humility,

    Might God guide us all, by His will, for our sake.

    Faith in selfless Unity for Good.
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  3. Great testimony!! :) Thanks for sharing. Whoever he was, he's who you needed and glory to God for sending him. We and angels are just messengers of God.
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  4. Amazing testimony! Thanks for sharing this with everyone
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  5. I agree... What an amazing testimony! To God be all the glory.
    God Bless you Alang :)
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  6. Thank you everyone. So glad to be rid of this addiction. Its amazing ... even now I feel absolutely no desire. I was blessed with a miracle. If that man wasn't an angel I believe God saw the way I treated him and blessed me. Almost no one would look at him or help him. 95% of the time he tried to talk to people they wouldnt even look at him .... so sad. Thanks for reading guys. God bless you all.
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  7. Definitely an angel.
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  8. :)

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