Mission Trips And Christian Projects

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  1. Hey, I'm just a college student looking for a way to give back. I wanted everyone to know if they have a mission trip or Christ-influenced project they can't finance, castingyournet.com is a great resource. It's a crowd funding site for Christians. :)
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  2. It looks like a great website. Are you a web-designer?
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  3. Hello,
    Yes Jeffin i need to have a contact like this as you told before,i m christian women serving in a muslim land but i m facing a lot of troubles here ,these people are trying to stop me from serving,even threating me so i want to get intouch with any pastors or bishops or preists to serve with them and leave my this country as its non christian country and i m facing so many troubles here,if you know about any plz tell me,i will be more then thankful to you.
    God bless u.
    Mehwish Ejaz
  4. God bless you my friend. What a noble, Holy thing to do. Amen!
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